Approach to recover data from USB flash hard drive

In the present generation of digital world USB drives plays an important role where you can store huge amount of different media files based on their storage capacity. These USB drives are also called as secondary storage device which are smaller in size, portable and handy to use. The storage capacities and size of these USB drives are based on the need of the user.

These are non-volatile devices which has become the latest standard for computer components. The data transfer rate of these USB flash drives is much faster compared to any other hard drive like SCSI interface. The storage capacities are made available up to 4TB. The popular brands of external USB hard drives are Seagate, Samsung, and Hitachi etc. These USB flash drives work like an internal hard drive but are enclosed outside the computer.  A single USB port can connect different devices like external hard drives, pen drives, scanners, printers, modems etc.

Though it has advanced features which provides security to the data, but still you can lose data saved in USB hard drives.

Suppose you are having a Pen drive of 8 GB with FAT file system. You prepared a presentation of a seminar topic which you need to deliver in few days. Later you decided to convert your file system from FAT to NTFS. So connected your pen drive containing data to computer. During conversion of file system suddenly due to power surge your computer was shut down. After a long wait when the power came on you started your computer and connected the pen drive.  But when tried to access the pen drive an error was generated stating that the file system is corrupted due to interruption in execution process. Now you must be frustrated as you lost an important file related to your academic.

No need to worry!!! Just chill the data lost due to corruption of file system can be easily recovered using good recovery tool. One such proficient tool is USB drive recovery which helps to recover USB hard drive.

However, the loss of data can also occur due to some more reasons which are listed below have a look.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Abrupt removal of USB hard drive when it is connected to computer during file transfer.
  • USB drive partitions getting formatted accidentally or intentionally when you are converting a partition from dynamic to basic may also result in loss of valuable data
  • Accidentally selecting “Delete All” option when trying to delete unwanted data from a device.
  • Deletion of files or folders unintentionally from USB hard drives or any other storage device.
  • Accidentally deleting partition while trying to relocate free space among partitions may also result in deletion of existing partition from windows disk management utility.
  • Shutting down the computer during transfer of file or Power failure while copying files may also result in data loss.
  • Unknowingly transferring a virus infected file to a memory card/computer or connecting USB hard disk to virus infected PC may lead to inaccessible of data which In turn leads to severe data loss.
  • Unable to access partitions due to error in re-partitioning/corruption and files lost due to journal corruption.
  • Re-creating the partition considering it to be a restoration from system restores CD provided by the computer vendors.

Once the data deleted from memory will not be erased actually. The file gets hidden inside the memory location. The memory slots will be made as available. It is overwritten if you add a new data onto it. So if you want to recover your lost data from the pen drive you need to stop its further usage. Thus you can make use of Drive recovery tools which are made available online at affordable costs to recover USB flash drive.

This software helps you to recover files with complete directory structure from a formatted drive or partitions. This software is designed with powerful algorithms that help to identify various types of files such as audio, video, images, documents etc. This software provides all necessary data recovery modules to recover lost data with ease. It can recover data from deleted/missing partition, formatted/re-formatted drives. It also helps to recover the data lost from other secondary storage devices like USB flash drives, pen drives, External hard drives etc.

Click here to download the trial form from the internet and run the software on the hard drive of your computer. Select the appropriate options which you come across. Check the performance and if you are pleased with the recovery results you can go for full version of the software.