Easy way to retrieve Outlook PST data on Windows

Microsoft is the only software company that has developed outstanding applications that are widely used on all the computers. The Microsoft Office suite has become a mandatory tool on all the Windows operated computers. As Microsoft is well known for developing Windows operating system, another remarkable application of Microsoft is Ms Outlook.

Outlook provides the users to manage all their multiple mail accounts in a single profile and also allows the users to access the data in both online and offline modes without any difficulty. Outlook is frequently used on various Windows OS versions like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. and even there are multiple versions of Outlook application too. Outlook data will be stored as .pst file on the system hard drive just like all other data files of the system. But you can access this data only through Outlook. Since the PST file is stored on the system drive the data can be easily lost due to many common reasons. Think that you wanted to upgrade the Windows OS on your system from Windows Vista to Windows 7. But installation of OS was interrupted by some pop up error message that the system drive has to be formatted. You had no option rather than formatting the drive and thus you lost entire data. In this situation you can go for inbuilt repair utility scanpst.exe, but if this inbox repair tool error out then go with third party repair utility. Inbuilt utility errors out usually when the files related to that utility are damaged. This repair utility consists of many program files and damage to any single file also will make the utility not to perform any recovery. The other common scenarios of data loss from Outlook PST file are stated below:

  • PST file transfer – While transferring any data from or to Outlook over network, there are chances that many non secured third party programs corrupt the data files. If this occurs then the transferred data will be inaccessible on any of the systems leading to data loss.
  • Deletion of data files – The deleted data on Outlook will be stored in Deleted items folder which is similar to Recycle Bin on Windows. So when you delete any data file from this folder like emails, contacts, folders, etc by mistake then you cannot restore back. Thus accidental deletion of required data from Deleted items folder will cause data.
  • Improper internet connectivity – Performing file transfer from or to Outlook PST file requires proper internet connection. Hence if you transfer any data when internet connectivity is incomplete, it will cause damage to the PST file data and thus it will be inaccessible.
  • Virus attack – As the PST file is stored on the system hard drive on which Outlook is installed, virus attack to the system drive can corrupt this PST data file also. Hence the data will be lost.

When you face such data loss from Outlook and inbox repair tool couldn’t fix the issue, go for this utility, http://www.inbox-repair-tool.org/error.html that completely restores the data. And if the system on which you have lost Outlook data is Windows 7 then it is wise to use the below mentioned repair tool, http://www.inbox-repair-tool.org/windows-7.html. It helps you when inbox repair tool for Windows 7 fail to handle the situation. The repair tools can be made use on most of the Windows operating systems i.e. Windows Vista, Windows XP, having different file systems of hard drives. Some of the features mentioned here is the added value for the software:

  • Proficiently recovers all the data from Outlook PST file that include mails, tasks, contacts, folders, etc.
  • Perfectly restores the corrupt PST file data when inbuilt repair utility fails to repair
  • Performs complete recovery of files from severely damaged and corrupted Outlook PST
  • Easily restores all the data from various Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2002, 2007 and Outlook 2010

The recovery tools mentioned over here can expertly restore lost and corrupt PST data on Windows systems. You can download the software utility from any of the sites mentioned here if you wish to perform a trial.