Efficient Tool to Recover Deleted Folders from SD Card

A Secure Digital (SD) card is a mini memory card draft to plot high-capacity memory in small size and is used over many electronic gadgets like mobile phone, digital camcorder, digital camera, audio players, etc. Basically we use SD card in our mobile phone or other electronic devices to save different files like video, audio, images, and other media files. However, sometimes the folders get deleted from SD card due to some familiar or unfamiliar reasons. Is it possible to restore deleted folder from SD card?

Well, do not worry, because you can easily restore deleted folders from SD card with the help of advanced recovery tool known as Recover SD Card software. This is a non destructive tool and restore folder from SD card without modifying the contents of the folder. Recover SD card software can easily perform deleted folder recovery from SD card on computers running Windows and Mac operating systems.

Reason behind deleted folder from SD card:

  • Deletion by Third Party Tool: Sometimes, third party tools like antivirus could be the reasons behind deletion of folders from SD card. When your SD card is severely affected by virus infection and in such a situation if you scan SD card using antivirus tool, it removes virus affected files and folders from the SD card without any intimation.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: While transferring data from SD card to computer or laptop and vice versa, sudden power surge can cause deletion of few files from SD card.
  • Accidental Deletion: During deletion of unwanted or junk folders from SD card, sometimes we accidentally select few important folders. This will result in deletion of folders from SD card.
  • Other reasons: There are some other reason behind folder deletion from SD card would be hardware problem, file system corruption, bad sectors, formatting error, etc.

Features of SD Card Recovery software:

SD Card Recovery software helps to easily restore different types of files like audio, photos, video, etc. This software has powerful scanning algorithm which helps to scan the whole SD card within few minutes to retrieve deleted folders from SD card. The SD Card Recovery software supports different types of file formats like JPG, JPEG, MOV, MP3, PSD, PNG, AVI, MP4, MPEG, CRW, CR2, etc. We can employ this tool to recover deleted folders from different memory cards namely SD card, XD card, MMC card, SDHC card, etc. This software helps to sort all the recovered files on the basis of different attributes like file size, name of file, file creation date. With the help of this software we can easily preview the files or folder to be restored with ease. This software has in-built ‘find option’ tool which helps to fix deleted folder easily. With help of this software we can easily recover folders from SD card having FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, HFS, etc. partition.