Finding Deleted Data in Few Simple Steps

Nowadays everybody uses PC/laptop to store personal or professional data. These data can be shared with others via any means like mobile, email, fax etc. Generally important and crucial data are stored in the system so it is essential to take care about safety of them.

Even if there is large storage capacity in system but some days you may find there is lack of memory space, in such case you need to delete unnecessary files which are no longer needed, use to store new files on those location. So there is delete option in your system to reuse the memory. Files can be deleted in two ways:

  • Temporary deletion: Using delete button on your keyboard you can delete a file, such deleted file will be stored in Recycle Bin, which can be restores if needed. This facility is given to restore the files which you may delete by mistake.
  • Permanent deletion: This feature I is used to delete files forever. First you be sure that specific files will not be used longer in such case you should use Shift + Delete or Delete command on Command Prompt. After permanent deletion files can’t be restore easily.

Despite of taking care of such files sometime you may be the victim of deleted data. Temporary deleted files can be restore easily from the Recycle Bin using restore option. But in case of permanent deletion, you need efficient third party program to find erased files. Find Delete Data is one the most used and recommended program to find erased files from system. This software will help you to find deleted data with easy steps. For details follow below instructions.

Situation when data can be deleted

Unintentional Deletion:  When you find less memory space, while deleting unnecessary files you may choose important files too and delete permanently by using shift + delete or from command prompt or by empting recycle bin. In such case you need to use Find Deleted Data software.

By passing Recycle Bin: Generally Recycle Bin’s capacity is of 7% to 10% of total memory space available on device. When the deleted files exceeds the size of Recycle Bin it by pass the Recycle Bin even if you used only Delete option. File will be deleted permanently instead of moving to recycle Bin.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Sometime after empting Recycle Bin, you may find that there were some important files on Recycle Bin gone deleted, now only Find Deleted Data software can help you.

Accidentally formatted: When you connect your Pen drive to system, sometime you may get message to format the device, by clicking on ok device will be formatted and data will be lost permanently.

Reinstalling OS: Sometime you may want to Upgrade your system’s OS, and forget to take back up of files, while reinstalling existed files will be deleted.

Besides of above mentioned scenarios there are many more reason which may lead to data deletion such as Improper shutting down of system, due to third party tool, bad sector, interruption in cut paste, etc.

Features of the Software

  • It has powerful algorithm to retrieve temporary as well as permanently deleted files from formatted drive too.
  • Capable to restore deleted files from hard drive as well as from any storage device.
  • Supports almost all popular OS of Windows and MAC.
  • Restores files from emptied Recycle Bin.
  • Recovers by passed files from Recycle Bin.
  • Capable enough to restore almost all types of files including images, audios, videos, etc.
  • Restores files even from corrupted and partitioned hard drive.