Fix MS Outlook 2007 using Inbox Repair Tool

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt inbox repair tool which is used to repair problems related to personal storage folder in MS Outlook 2007. It is automatically installed with the installation of MS Office. Inbox repair tool is an inbuilt application that comes along with Outlook to repair lost PST file. Sometimes inbox repair tool is unable to repair lost PST file, in such cases user have to employ the services of a special software to repair Outlook file.

Inbox Repair Tool is effective software to fix Outlook 2007. This software is helpful for users to fix PST files with few mouse clicks. The software can be used to repair Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and 2013. Inbox repair tool for outlook 2007 is one of the best software available online that helps to fix PST file errors.

Scenarios by which PST File Get Lost

Improper Closing of Outlook: When outlook application is closed abruptly due to interruption such as power failure then it may possible that PST file get corrupted.

Virus Attack: When sharing PST files from one device to another then there is chance of virus attack and PST files may corrupt.

Header File Corruption: The header file includes all information regarding PST files. When header file is lost due to certain reason such as power fluctuation then it may possible that PST file get corrupted.

Improper File Transfer: The user transfer some file to another device and system is turned off due to interruption such as power fluctuation as a result of which PST file get corrupted.

Large Volume of Emails in Single Operation: When user copy, move or delete emails in large number then there is a chance that PST file get lost due to certain reason. So it’s better to move copy or delete mails in many repeated steps.

File Size:  The maximum file size possible for Outlook 2007 is 20GB. If the file size exceeds 20GB then it is possible that PST file get corrupted.

Features of Input Repair Tool

  • Input Repair Tool is easy to download and install on any operating system like Windows (Windows2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows Vista) and Mac.
  • Less space is required for installation of this software.
  • It is capable to recover PST file keeping the original file unmodified.
  • This software is helpful in recovering permanently deleted or lost PST file.
  • Demo version is available to check the software how it works. Demo version let you know the effectiveness of the software.
  • Customer Support executive is available to help user who finds difficulty in accessing the software.
  • It is user friendly software so that anyone can recover PST files with few mouse clicks.
  • This software fix Outlook 2007 using Inbox Repair Tool in very effective manner.