How to recover deleted files from Mac OS X partition?

Files are usually collection of co-related data which might be stored on the physical drive or on the storage media. Files are of different types namely, data files, program files, directory files, etc.  There different types of files stores different data and are stored with different extensions such as txt, doc, docx, etc. In Mac OS, some of the files and directories are hidden in the folder called aka folder. Some of them are as follows, _whatever, DS_Store, ~/.Trash etc. Mac OS has the file system like HFS+ and HFSx

Suppose the user accidentally deletes the files on the Mac partitions and it has been emptied from the Trash later on and if there is a need of that file then user need not worry about the deleted files. He can use Mac Partition recovery software, which helps the user to recover deleted or lost files from Mac partition.

There are many situations where the files get deleted. Some of the cases are as follows:

  • Files can be deleted accidentally by human fault such as, whenever the user selects (command +delete) key, or when the user is not properly closing the file but directly shuts down the system.
  • Usually the size of the Trash will be 2% size of the hard disk and if size of the Trash exceeds the size limit then data is deleted from Trash.
  • Files that are stored in the storage media can also be deleted by the third party utility that is when the user does not properly copy the files instead un-mounted the storage media
  • Files that are affected with virus are deleted during the scanning process then these files might be deleted.
  • If the user is trying to manipulate the data in the file by using the cut command and tries to paste to the other file data that is stored in the clipboard might be deleted.

In these situations user might wonder how to recover deleted files in Mac OS. But he need not worry as he can recover the deleted file using Mac file recovery software that is available on the internet. Remo Recover (Mac) Basic Edition is the best among the software that are available that helps the user to recover deleted files on Mac OS. It is user friendly software because of its intuitive interface. It uses special read-only feature and does not write anything on the Mac volume or drive that contains deleted data and makes Mac OS secure. User can also retrieve files from external storage devices like, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. It uses some of the enhanced support for recovery of various file formats. It can recover the different files using their unique signatures and also recover files with all its attributes such as date, name etc.  It has extremely fast built-in “Find Tools” that helps to find a particular file from the recovered files very easily. It has very good option where the user can preview the recovered data before saving it.