How to recover lost or erased pictures from memory cards??

Memory cards are used in digital cameras and in mobile phones to store captured photos and other files. In memory cards we can store various kinds of files such as documents, video files, audio files, image files etc. Memory card uses the flash memory in order to save and manage the file with all the boot system in it. Memory cards are categorized in two forms one is mini card and another one micro card. CF card, SD card, XD card are various kinds of memory card, which are in high demand in the present scenario. Beside digital camera and cell phones is used in many other portable devices like Walkman, iPods, handycam, music player etc.

Many companies launched their memory card in order to compete within the market. There are number of flash cards available in market which are compact-able with different cameras. Whatever the medium is to save the data, one or the other day it has to face the data loss so data store in memory card is at all completely safe. You may lose your memorable photographs from your memory card for forever. Losing precious memories is like parting away from best friend. At such situation users feels so helpless, as they don’t know how to restore photo from memory card. Most of the users are unaware with this fact that photo recovery is possible.

Now-a-days technology had grown so vast which includes many inventions done as miracles. And recovering lost pictures files from memory card is not at all a big deal. Picture recovery tool made memory card photo recovery very easy and simple. But before coming to recovery, let’s have a look on some common scenarios which leads to the photo loss. There are numerous scenarios which in result photo loss from memory card, some of them are listed below:

  • Memory card formatting or reformatting done intentionally/unintentionally.
  • Accidental deletion of photos from memory card.
  • If boot sector of memory cards gets corrupted.
  • Memory card refuses to mount with the devices due to virus attack.
  • Sudden removal of card from the device while transferring of data.

Along with the data loss scenarios, have a look on some precautions it help you protect your data from the above mentioned scenarios:

  • Removal of memory card from the system must be performed properly by selecting “safely remove option”.
  • When card is connected to PC the updated antivirus must be ensured to get safe from virus attack.
  • Formatting and reformatting should be performed after maintaining a proper backup.

Following these precautions are really easy, but after following these precautions still if the photos are erased/deleted/lost then the last option left for you is to perform the recovery. Recovery for the memory card is as easy as clicking photos, just you need to choose advance picture recovery tool. First select trial version of this tool. If you find that trial version did well for you, then go for licensed version of the tool to recovered picture files.


Note: Immediately stop using the card after facing the data loss problem, because if use your card further for storing new files it will overwrites you lost files and recovery will became difficult. So if the cards are corrupted, formatted or files is deleted from the cards then it should not be written with the other data.