How to undelete files from Vista?

Windows Vista is one of the complex Operating system with number of features, which certainly attracts both home and business users. Windows Vista has 5 different editions like Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home premium and Home Basic. Windows Vista provides Aero Glass User Interface (UI), which presents you with spectacular graphical effects. Generally, users wants 3 important things in their Operating system i.e. power, stability and usability. Windows Vista provides all these features including improved security. Windows Vista is able to store thousands of files in many folders on your hard disk in the form of clusters and organizes files and folders in file hierarchy. FAT and NTFS are the different types of file system supported by Windows Vista.  The root directory of file system stores important files and folders which are needed while booting the system and all other files are stored in sub directories. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete the files using Windows command prompt resulting in loss of files. In such case, you can use efficient file recovery software to undelete files from Vista Operating system.

Sometimes, your files may get lost due to defragmentation failure. Generally, file is stored on your hard disk in scattered manner and in non-contiguous bits. When you want to open such a file, Operating system takes more time to open that file because the parts of files are scattered i.e. stored in different location and it needs to assemble those parts from different location.  If many files are fragmented then it may slow even the hard disk to search the files. To avoid this, Windows Vista has Disk Defragmenter, which runs automatically i.e. no need to defragment your hard drive manually. While defragmenting hard disk if your system gets turned off abruptly due to power surge problems then you may loss the files.

Therefore, before defragmenting your hard disk, take backup of important files. Because, if you have lost files due to defragmentation failure then you can restore it back from backup file. If backup file is not available, then no need to worry because you can use third party recovery software to recover lost files from hard drive. But, you should not copy or save new files on affected hard drive. If you copy or save new file on affected hard drive then it may overwrite the new file with old file resulting in permanent loss beyond the recovery.

Remo Recover (Windows) Basic Edition is able to recover lost or deleted data from different types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE. Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, Hitachi are the different brands of hard drives supported by this software. This software is able to recognize and recover different file types based on their unique signature. FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT are the different types of file system supported by this software. This software supports recovery of deleted compressed files from NTFS formatted partition. This software also recovers lost or deleted files from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 including Windows Vista. Later, recovered files can be sorted based on their file size, file name and file type. You can download free demo version, where you can see list of recovered files. If you find your deleted file in that list then you can use full version to save those recovered files.