NEC ARmKepad Will Really Surprise you

Feeling bored with typing on a physical keyboard? Well, what about waving yours fingers on a virtual display? Yes, it is possible with ARmKeypad, NEC’s augmented reality device.

NEC Corporation, Japanese Multinational Tech Company has something new to introduce. It was on the last week, they announced a new interface that shows on a person’s forearm. This allows the projection of a virtual keyboard which allows typing on it. They have given a name ARmKeypad for this interface. In the point of view of Wall Street Journal, it is actually based on a smart watch and some special glasses. These glasses are for viewing the keypad while smart watch detects timings of each and every keystroke.

This invention is really going to influence various workforces. Managing a warehouse for example. You’ll be able to track inventory without going for a clumsy device using this device. Augmented reality has given rise to several high-tech devices in these days. Who knows this ARmKeypad will change standards?

NEC is confident about ARmKeypad’s advantage over wearables which are operated through voice commands. It is because an ArmKeypad can be used in very loud and noisy environments where other wearables can’t. The system keypad system can detect whether you tapped your left hand or the right hand. It can also can note down the strength of tapping vibration and tapping location easily.

Let me give more clarity on various sectors where this device can be used. Mainly, people working under engineering projects will be the main beneficiaries of this product. While using heavy machineries, they may need to perform measurements and inspections easily. Here comes the importance of ARmKeypad. Logistics or Warehouse managers would not have to look for a different product in these kinds of situations. Same for medical staff.

Well, some predications can also made based on this. Whenever you driving a car or motor cycle, did it seem annoyed to look at dashboard console to see various meters and even GPS? Just assume, whether this ARmKeypad was available for you in such a situation. The acceleration sensors on ARmKeypad effectively determines the arm area that can tapped by a user and it translate to different commands in terms of Bluetooth link.

Anyhow, the commercial version of this product hasn’t released so far. It is expected to release within one or two years.