Recovering lost using hard drive recovery software

Hard disk is a physical storage device, which is used in computer to store various kinds of data like files, audio, video, photos, etc. Sometimes hard disk drive is called as Winchester drive, because Winchester drive is name of one of the first popular hard drive which was developed by IBM in 1973. Various kinds of interface standards are used to transfer data between hard disk and computer. Most commonly used interface standards are SCSI and IDE. Disk means a round plate on which data can be stored. Actual disk inside the hard drive is platter which stores data, larger the capacity of the drive means more no of platters inside the hard drive. Each disk may contain one or more of read/write heads to read and write data to the disk.

Sometimes you may format the hard drive due to some reason without keeping back up of data. It becomes very difficult to get back deleted data. In such case you need to make use of good hard drive recovery software to recover data. There are many cases in which you may lose data from the hard disk. So before you lose data you need to take some precautions such as before formatting the hard drive keep back up of data, proper system shut down, select correct drive while formatting the drive, carefully partitioning the hard drive, etc. These are all common human errors in which most of the time users lose data from the hard drive.

Some of the common case scenarios in which data loss occurs are:

  • While formatting the drive if you chose wrong drive instead of the one which you actually wanted to format, then the data stored on that particular drive will get deleted.
    •  While re-installing the Operating system you have option to format the desired partition. If you chose wrong partition or if you format the partition without taking the back up then it may lead to data loss from partition.
    • During re-partitioning process accidentally you may delete the partition which includes important data.
    •  When boot sector get corrupted due to virus attacks, it makes data inaccessible.
    • While file system conversion data loss may occur due to error occurrence.
    • While re-formatting the hard disk data may get deleted.
    • Due to bad sectors problem data may become inaccessible.

If you lost very important data in any of these cases do not panic. You can recover those lost data very easily. Remo Recover (Windows) –Pro edition provides a good solution to recover lost data. First you can download the demo version which is freely available on the internet. You can view recovered data using preview option available in demo version. If you are satisfied with result obtained from the demo version you can purchase the full version of Remo Recover software and you can save recovered data using save option available in the full version. This software provides user-friendly interface, so that any common users can use this software to recover lost data.