Repair PST on Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is one of the most widely used email client. The email client stores the data in PST file format, which can’t be retrieved by other applications. All emails, notes, attachments, contacts, calendar, etc are stored in a single file called as PST which stands for Personal Storage Table located on the computer. In MS Outlook 2002 and earlier versions, the HTTP accounts use the PST files that do not support the Unicode format and limits the PST file size up to 2 GB. As compared to this, in MS Outlook 2007, the HTTP accounts use the PST files with Unicode format and PST file size is configured to 20 GB.

The default location of MS Outlook 2007 is C:\Program files\MS Office\Office12 and the default location of PST files in MS Outlook 2007 is Drive:\documents and settings\user\local settings\application data\Microsoft\Outlook. Just imagine that if your PST file gets corrupted due to some reasons then what will happen? You will be worried. But, there is no need to worry so much, as it’s very easy to repair PST on Outlook 2007 with the help of PST repair tool. Let’s talk about some of the reasons which are responsible for PST file corruption. They are highlighted below:

  1. Due to PST files over the network: You can access the PST files from different location, with the help of mail client. Though, it is possible to open & use PST files over the network, it is not suggested, as the PST files are very much prone to corruption when used in this manner.
  2.  Up gradation of Operating System: While upgrading the operating system, say from Win XP to Win Vista, there is a chance that your PST files may get corrupted or lost because of improper backup.
  3.  PST corruption during Migration: All Outlook’s settings and information are not completely stored in PST files, so if you are migrating the Outlook from one PC to another PC, then you need to move other information’s also, like Outcmd.dat that is Toolbar and menu settings, Signatures etc. In this situation, also your lack of knowledge about the Outlook may lead to PST file loss.
  4.  During Import and Export location: You must be very careful about the Import and Export locations, it means while upgrading the Outlook .i.e. from Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2007, the PST files should be imported from its default location of Outlook 2002 and should be exported to the default location of Outlook 2007.
  5.  Due to Virus attack: Viruses or other malwares could easily corrupt the PST files. Maximum times viruses affect the PST files so badly that antivirus are not able to open the PST files and detect the viruses resulting to PST file corruption.

PST file repair tool is the best recovery software in order to repair the corrupted PST files. It is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook. The deleted emails, contacts, etc are also recovered during the repair process. The contents of the corrupt PST file will be recovered and stored in new PST file along with the complete settings. You can download this tool for the recovery results.