The best way to fix corrupted PST

Outlook is an awesome gift given by Microsoft Corporation along with MS Office for email users. It offers enormous set of options to manage our day to day activities along with sending and receiving emails. Hence most of the email users prefer Outlook as their email client. Outlook it stores all the data saved by the user in his profile in a single .pst file. But the main drawback of Outlook is the PST file is prone to corruption. If it is get corrupted Outlook will not work, which in turn interrupt you at work and may also leads to data loss.

At this point of time, if the user had the .pst file backup when it is corrupted, then user need not worry, else to fix corrupted PST file Outlook repair tool can be employed. You might be thinking how does it get corrupted? Here are few reasons:

  • In earlier versions of Outlook the maximum size of .pst file was limited. If the data stored in it reaches 2GB or exceeds it, then the chances corruption are high.
  •  Since the network environment does not support the frequent access of .pst file, it may corrupt when a user try to access it through remote drive or over the network.
  • If there is any file system error due to operating system crash, then there are chances of .pst file getting damaged.

Whenever you face .pst file corruption without its backup, as I stated earlier fix it using some PST repair tool. In first shot, you can try to use the built-in tool scanpst.exe, since it can be able to read only the header, chances of getting result are very less.

In such circumstances when the Outlook repair tool  in incapable to repair the damaged PST file user can  third party tool. You must be thinking that how to trust a third party application to repair such an important file which is having critical data? So this is what you can do, before using the application, take a copy of your corrupted .pst file, download the demo version of any .pst repair tool and evaluate it. Once you feel that it can be able to repair your corrupted .pst file then use it.

There are some genuine tools like Remo Repair Outlook (PST), which are specially developed for Outlook .pst repair and recovery. It will not even change a bit of your original .pst file. Instead of that, it reads the entire information stored in it, extract and create a new .pst file. It also helps you to find the .pst file on your hard drive, if you don’t know the location. Select a tool which really cares for your data and doesn’t modify the PST file.

Once you finish the repair and recovery process, don’t think that you are safe now in terms of your .pst file. It may corrupt again. So it is advised to take a regular backup of your .pst file. This will be usable whenever you come across .pst file corruption.