The best way to Rescue Formatted Hard Drive

As this is the world of digitization, the way of keeping data has changed. Toady most individuals left the technique of storing files in a traditional manner. They all are storing their file on the hard drive or any other different means of electronic storage devices. This will help us to reduce the work of pen and paper. Hard disk is a storage device which is most often used by computer users to store their vital files as it is directly associated with the computer system. You can store documents, entertainment data such as songs, videos and animations on the hard disk of the computer. Because if you are using hard drive then it is easy to store files, retrieve files and search stored files on the computer system. But on the other hand deletion or loss of files may also possible. Format of hard drive is one of the common ways of losing data from system hard drive.

Sometimes during reinstallation of new operating system people use to format whole hard drive to clean up their system and to increase the performance of computer. But sometimes it may cause a severe loss of data which stored on the hard drive of that system. Because if you have not checked the content of the hard drive and format it then there is no system provided tools that helps you to rescue those data. After format of hard drive content of the data does not erase only the link between the data and the file pointer has erased. It makes disappearance of that data from the hard drive. And then you are not able to access that previous stored data on the hard disk of the system.

If you have accidentally quick format any of the hard drive partition then also you cannot get it back normally. This may happen while you are working with the system and during managing space of the hard drive partition you have selected quick format action. This leads to loss of your vital files if it has stored on that particular hard drive partition. In this situation you must need to use a recovery tool. Recovery Formatted application is skilled enough to get back formatted data. Defragmentation operation sometimes may causes loss of data, as after defragmentation, storage table structure may get corrupt or deleted. Then data become inaccessible and lastly data has been lost.

Sometimes simple precautions may help you to prevent your data from any data loss scenarios. If you have habit of creating backup and updating backup then you can retrieve lost data from your backup. Always check the content of hard disk drive before going to format the hard drive. Scan your computer with a healthy antivirus tool to avoid such situation where you have to format the hard disk.

Revival of data is possible lost due to any of the above written data loss criteria. Recover Formatted is an efficient tool to restore formatted hard drive data. You can rescue lost data on different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After formatting if you are facing inaccessibility of data then also it recover those kinds of data. You can restore data from formatted drive like external hard disks and USB drives too.