Tips to recover files after quick format

Important files can be lost from your computer system in any number of ways. You might accidentally delete a file or a virus might wipe out your important file or you may lose your file due to complete hard drive failure. If hard drive failure occurs then you might lose all your important personal files forever. The important files may be your family photos, significant documents, downloaded music, video’s etc. Then in all such cases how to recover files?

It’s a really a simple process to get back such deleted files as there are many recovery software’s available. These recovery software’s recover all your deleted or lost files with no time. If you need to perform quick format recovery, powerful format recovery software can help you to recover your lost files after quick format.

The common situations where you can lose your important files are:

  • Files deleted by mistake.
  • Files emptied from Recycle Bin
  • Files deleted using the combination of shift delete keys
  • Files deleted from command prompt
  • Files or folders damaged by a virus.
  • Files damaged by a system failure.
  • Files and folders are no more accessible because of unknown reason.
  • Some important files disappeared for no apparent reason.
  • Photos were accidentally deleted from your storage devices.
  • Files lost due to defrag failure
  • Files lost due to improper shut down

You must follow some precautions to avoid file loss from your computer and the precautions are as follows:

  1. Back up all your content or important files to a second or separate location. By doing so, your files can be protected against viruses or from complete computer failure.
  2. Keeping updated antivirus to avoid any virus attack
  3. Don’t use any damaged drives because they may damage your confidential files and
  4. Close all your programs before shutting down your computer.

Remo Recover (Windows) is a special tool that can recovers your lost or deleted files quickly and easily. The software recovers your data from all types of data loss. Unlike other similar recovery software’s, Remo Recover software offers some special features like, it works best with Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, it supports recovery of almost all file types of files. The software also allows you the preview option. Using the preview feature, you can view the recovered files and also you can make sure that whether you’re lost, deleted files are completely recovered. Free to try trial version is available. Using the trail version you can check the chances of recovery. In order to make use of trail version you should download and install the demo version of the software.  If you are satisfied with the demo result obtained from the demo version you can purchase the full version of the recovery software. In full version there is a save option available and using that option you can save the recovered data. This software provides user friendly interface, so that anyone without much technical knowledge can recover their lost file very easily.