Tool to Perform Photo Recovery from Corrupted Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of the main storage drives and considered to be the heart in the world of computer systems (both Windows and Mac). It is used to store huge amount of data such as photos, audio, video, spreadsheets, applications, documents, software, RAW files, and so on. A drive can be divided into so many logical units which help to arrange the data in an organized manner so that one entire hard disk can be treated as multiple disks.  The main advantage of having multiple disks is that you can have one or more operating system on the same hard drive for better file management.

Hello, friends! “Please help me to get out of this worst scenario. Today morning, I took my laptop to do some office work. When I tried to start the system I came across with one major scenario i.e. my system doesn’t boot the hard drive. I don’t know the reason behind this. The hard drive contains so much important data and some precious photos of my parents who were no more. I want to recover those photos at any cost. Please suggest me any help.”

Are you the victim of such similar situation? It means your hard drive gets corrupted. Don’t get annoyed under such scenarios because you can easily recover photos from corrupted hard drive with the most reliable, 100% safe secure software called Photo Recovery software.

Reasons behind the corruption of hard drive:

  • Usually hard drives contain bad sectors, where bad sectors are nothing but small sectors present on the hard drive that is formed due to an aging of the hard drive, and due to some logical errors. If the effect of bad sectors is more on the hard drive then it results in the corruption of hard drive.
  • The file system of any drive is mainly used to keep the track of file like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. in an organized manner. If it gets corrupted due to any known or unknown errors then there may be a chance of HDD corruption.
  • The main reason behind the corruption of hard drive is hardware overheating i.e. poor ventilation and cooling in and around your system hardware can cause severe damage to the hard disk which in turns results in the corruption of hard drive.
  • Boot sector corruption is also one of the reasons for the corruption of hard drive where boot sector is responsible for proper booting of the system.
  • Some other scenarios like MBR corruption, partition table corruption, software conflicts, hardware issues, improper OS installation, rebooting issues, etc. are also responsible for the corruption of hard drive.

Features of Photo Recovery Software:

This software supports the recovery of photos from corrupted and inaccessible hard drives from both Windows OS (such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and server 2008)and Mac operating systems (such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, etc.). It is used to recover photos of various file formats like GIF, TIF, JPEG, PNG, etc. This application not only used to recover photos from corrupted hard drive but also used for recovering photos from various storage drives like USB flash drives, pen drives, memory cards, CF cards, external hard drives etc. This reliable tool also helps to retrieve photos from various electronic devices like digital cameras, camcorders, and iPods and also supports the recovery of RAW photos from DSLR cameras. It consists of a “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps to save the recovery time by skipping the rescanning process and also a preview option to have the preview of recovered photos.