Tool to Repair Damaged Divx File

DivX is a video compression technology developed by DivX, Inc. the format enables users to compress or decompress video in fast and convenient way while maintaining the quality of the video. It works on latest MPEG-4 codec. A wide variety of DVD supports DivX media file format (DMF). The DivX format video can be played using Windows media player or any other media player.

When you play a video file, the media player analyzes the codec and interpret it in terms of visual i.e. video. If some information in the codec itself goes missing or the codec structure altered, the media player won`t be able to play the file. Techie guys call it broken codec or a corrupted video file.
There are many reasons for DivX Media file corruption. Usually recording video with no sufficient free space results in an uncompleted or broken video file that can`t be played. Occasionally there could be other known or unknown reasons; some of them are listed below:

 The camcorder or device from which you shoot video can be malfunctioned or faulty.

 While transferring DivX files from one device to another, any interruption like system crash, power surge often damages the video file.

 Any video codec contains header files, any modification or missing of that file leads unplayable videos file format.

 CRC errors on storage device changes data into RAW which can`t be identified by Media Player.

 A virus infection or malfunctioned storage device will result in corrupt video files.

 While converting the file format of video, improper techniques alters the video file format which can`t be executable.

When a video file goes corrupt video and audio tracks lose their sync, which give rise to problems like mute video, still video, audio without visual, split images or pixilated images all of which adds unpleasant experience for viewers. These issues are related to codec, damaged frames or bad DivX index which can be fixed with proper DivX repair tool.

Repair DivX software has been designed to find origin of the damage, decode it and get repaired DivX file in a very short time. The popular DivX repair tool uses its strong formula to fix and combine audio- video sync error for uninterrupted flow of videos. The strength of Repair DivX software lies in its simple and user friendly GUI which enables users easy-to-use functions and quick navigation through next sections. Most astonishing feature of this software is its Preview section which provides users a sneak peak of revivable video files before actually reviving it. The trial version itself repairs the file. You can play the media file with trial version but cannot save it. The repair is done on read only basis to make sure that the original file remains flawless. It supports devices like memory cards, hard drives and USBs. The Repair DivX software is available for both Windows and Mac users, and can be purchased online.