Windows Data Recovery Tool

Day by day Windows computers are dominating the market with new and improved personal assistant features. Windows operating systems are entirely different from other operating systems in gaming experience because they are interfaced by Xbox. Cortana, which is similar to Apple’s Siri application is used with the latest version of Windows operating system for easy navigation through local hard drive.

Windows operating system is providing various backup features like Exchange office 365, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc for the benefits of Microsoft users. This backup stuffs have the potential to backup personal information, photos, videos and text messages in Windows computers. All Windows operating system supports automatic and manual data syncing as it depend up on the users. This backup stuffs helps the user to restore accidently deleted file from there computer. Windows operating system also generate systematic reminders for avoiding data loss from hard drive.

Data loss from Windows operating system is the one of serious issues faced by Windows users. Windows has diverse features but no one can guarantee regarding safety of data. Have you forgotten to keep backup of your necessary files? Don’t worry about recovering lost files from Windows hard drive. We will guide you to survive such situations. Now we will discuss about the causes of data loss from Windows operating system.

Data loss scenarios in Windows operating

  • Accidentally deletion of files by pressing the Delete button while previewing them by using any third party Windows applications.
  • Lacking proper examining of Recycle Bin, the user may empties the Recycle Bin then it will lead to permanent deletion of necessary files existing in Recycle Bin.
  • While Windows user trying to delete unwanted files from hard disk, the users may accidentally chose necessary files and chose delete operation or format option.
  • Sudden turn off Windows computer while the transferring process is in progress may lose your valuable data.

Format error, logical error, bad sectors, usage of defective third party application are the other reasons behind the deletion of necessary data from Windows operating system. Do you know how to recover windows lost file with few mouse clicks without damaging other files? If no then here is a tool named Windows file Recovery Software that will definitely solve your problem, it helps to get back all lost data. They are using modern advanced algorithms for retrieving lost data files in Windows operating system.

This tool helps to recover files from corrupted hard drive. It also helps to  get back deleted photos from MMC flash memory cards, external, SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, FireWire Drives, iPods, SD, XD, and USB drives, etc. Application is designed with a simple interactive user interface, which makes it quite easy for users to restore files from Windows PC’s.  Saving recovery session allows the user to restart the scanning process at any time so as to recover Windows data that are deleted or lost.

Avoid data loss from Windows operating system with few simple steps

  • Don’t connect virus affected flash drives on your Windows computers.
  • Always try to use damage free flash drive for data transferring and sharing.
  • Ensure backup of your necessary file on Exchange office 365, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc or in any storage device
  • Make sure that process is completed before you turn off computer.
  • Use only genuine and licensed Windows operating system for ensuring safety of your valuable data.