Affordable Software to Get Back Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Are you encountering errors while trying to open files from memory card? Is it possible to rescue files and folders lost from memory card? If yes, then stop wondering as there is a software named as memory card recovery that will easily rescue data from corrupted memory card efficiently. This software is capable to rescue data after formatting, reformatting of memory card effortlessly.

Nowadays more and more people are dependent on a memory card to store and manage data. This portable storage device will allow you to carry any crucial information anywhere. But, unfortunately, due to some unknown reason will end up losing your crucial data. Then to overcome this memory card data loss you need to make use of this user-friendly software. With the help of this corrupted memory card recovery software, you can regain files of different types such as photo, audio, video, documents, etc on the basis of their unique signatures.

Possible causes for corruption of memory card:

  • Accidental deletion: If you will unintentionally delete some of the important files from memory card by clicking on delete all option. This will result in deletion of crucial data from memory card.
  • Improper ejection: While transferring important files from the memory card to your computer, meanwhile unexpectedly if the sudden power failure occurs making the entire data loss.
  • MBR corruption: The master boot record consists of the file header with all the important information such as file type, size, name, etc. If due to some reason the file header gets corrupt resulting in data loss.
  • Virus attack: Whenever you will try to use the same memory card in different external devices such as card reader will lead to corruption of memory card making entire data loss.
  • Unexpected interruption: While transferring data from memory card to your laptop, if abruptly your laptop goes shut down making the transfer process incomplete leading to data loss.

Doesn’t matter whatever might be the reason behind losing crucial data from memory card, to overcome this situation you need to make use of this advanced algorithm. Also, to prevent frequent memory card data loss need to take proper backup and stop using a memory card to avoid overwriting of old data with a new one. With the aid of this universal binary application, you can retrieve files from memory card corrupted due to accidental formatting, file system corruption, use of third-party software, etc with great ease. This award-winning software is capable to rescue important files from memory card of different types such as XD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card, etc of popular manufacturing brands of memory card including SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc within few clicks. This software will get back data from another external storage device such as digital camera memory card, USB flash drive, FireWire drive, etc with ease.

Now, it’s possible even for a beginner to readily use this software to redeem files from FAT16 to FAT32 or FAT to NTFS. Even a novice user can easily understand and make use of this binary application to perform SD card file recovery on Mac OS of different versions including Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra etc and Windows OS of various versions like Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, etc.