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How to fix Outlook PST and restore Outlook contacts

MS Outlook is a most favored and advanced e-mail client in this world of business, every e-mail users prefer Outlook. Various popular versions of Outlook are available in the market like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Among these versions, Outlook 2010 is the most recent one. Sometimes, Outlook users end up with losing important contacts emails, etc that are held in their Outlook profile. When you are stuck in these situations you must be getting worried and start thinking how to fix Outlook PST.

You don’t need to be bothered!!! Outlook PST repair software is available for you. This software facilitates you to recover deleted items from Outlook and restore Outlook contacts within few simple clicks. Since Outlook preferred for professional and personal use, losing important emails leads you right into a critical problem. Many reasons exist in which the emails get deleted from the Outlook PST file.

The common reason could be the accidental deletion of emails by utilizing “Shift + Delete” key combination. Whenever users delete emails employing this key combination deleted email bypass from the Recycle Bin so that you cannot restore it back. At such situation, if you need to recover deleted emails from Outlook then you definitely take advantage of Outlook recovery application which solves out your problem that how to retrieve emails on Windows 7/XP/Vista/2003 and 2008 with utmost ease.

There are several circumstances ends in deletion of Outlook emails, among which PST file corruption is easily the most critical one. Corruption of Outlook PST file as a result of the incomplete compacting operation of the PST file brings severe data loss. Users can compress the file to reduce the size of the PST file then it usually takes less space on the hard drive. But improper or over compression generates a damaged PST file to cause a loss of Outlook emails. In cases like this of data loss and also to recover your lost/deleted emails use Outlook recovery tool.

In addition to accidental deletion and incomplete compacting operation, virus or malware attack from the internet infects the hard drive. To avoid virus attack we use anti-virus programs. If your folder of Outlook gets infected, then the anti-virus program starts detaching the infected emails from the Outlook folders. In this condition use email recovery application and retrieve your lost emails in few simple clicks. To work with it first download its free trial version from the company website. It scans your entire drive and shows all of your deleted emails. Following that it is possible to select your Outlook item that you just desire to recover. Preview option assists you to make certain if you are recovering the right file or otherwise not, it’ll give you a preview of your recovered emails. In case if you are pleased with the results of a trial version, then download its licensed version to save recovered emails, contacts, etc.


Reuse Data Which Are Lost Due to Accidental Format

In today’s hi-tech world life can’t be expected without existence of computer or different other electronic gadgets which store their desired data in safe and secured way. Such data stored on devices like SD card is delivered to its user whenever demanded. Generally when any file or entire SD card contents gets deleted then users believe that it can’t be reused. But, technically speaking each of the file which is deleted from storage device remain at the stored location as long as it’s stored memory space is required by some other file. When any file is deleted only its pointer is erased, so if you have formatted any of the drive then it is recommended to make use of SD card Recovery software. This utility provides each of the anticipated data within few minutes of its use and that too in the same file format as it was earlier.

Mainly SD card contents get erased from memory card due to unintentional format. Let’s assume one of the circumstances which can result in such kind of data loss scenario over SD card. Suppose you have got SD card of your camera which you wish to back up on your system. So in order to peruse that you attached it too your system, but your hard drive was filled with junk files and you made up your mind to erase contents of one of the drive. After performing format on hard disk drive you realized that accidentally you formatted SD card. So, what must be done on such development? First of all you need to remain calm since you can reclaim them. Such an issue can be resolved only by making use aforesaid application which can perform formatted SD card recovery.

There are different other reasons of unintentional format on SD card. One of the prominent one occurs with users who are not well acquitted with the settings of camera or device in which it is attached. Let’s check-out one of such scenario.  Suppose you have got new camera of Nikon brand, so to make analysis of its features you have attached on of your SD card into it. After capturing different pictures in different made you started checking its settings. While doing so, you unintentionally formatted your card, thus leading you to remorseful state of mind setup. This regretful act done by you can be reverted by making use of the above described application, which revamps each of the missing elements from SD card within ample period of time. Other reasons which can cause formatting of SD card are Virus attack, Error while making changes in file system, improper ejection and improper shut down of system while data transfer process is in progress.

Though it is well equipped to recoup missing data from SD card, but there are certain things that any user who wishes to rescue data must follow. One of the premier things is that usage of the SD card must be stopped as soon as possible since if any of the file is overwritten then it can’t be recouped in optimal way. Apart from these users need not either format or reformat there peripheral drive again and again since this will make recoup process more and more complex. Since we know that we have got quite advanced technology so users must not download nor install tool on SD card, for the same reason as the first precautionary measures.

This utility is well backed by various versions of Windows OS such as Window XP, Vista and Window 7. Whichever computer user may be i.e. whether he or she is novice or expert may utilize its auspicious features because of it has got very interactive graphic user interface (GUI). SD card Recovery is capable of recuperating files from diverse peers of SD card such as SDHC, SDXC, mini SD and micro SD. Apart for working on SD card and its subsidiaries it is also competent of resolving issues related to different other peripheral storage devices like FireWire Drives, iPods, flash memory cards, USB External drives, etc. This utility has got one of the finest scanning algorithms which tracks each sectors of SD card and delivers each of the required files by application of this program which requires following few clicks only. Files which are to be rescued can be previewed prior to storing them at any of the location of any storage device in safe, secure and authentic way.

This utility is available over internet for downloading which any user can use for trial use, if satisfied with its overwhelming feature it can be bought later.

How to recover lost or erased pictures from memory cards??

Memory cards are used in digital cameras and in mobile phones to store captured photos and other files. In memory cards we can store various kinds of files such as documents, video files, audio files, image files etc. Memory card uses the flash memory in order to save and manage the file with all the boot system in it. Memory cards are categorized in two forms one is mini card and another one micro card. CF card, SD card, XD card are various kinds of memory card, which are in high demand in the present scenario. Beside digital camera and cell phones is used in many other portable devices like Walkman, iPods, handycam, music player etc.

Many companies launched their memory card in order to compete within the market. There are number of flash cards available in market which are compact-able with different cameras. Whatever the medium is to save the data, one or the other day it has to face the data loss so data store in memory card is at all completely safe. You may lose your memorable photographs from your memory card for forever. Losing precious memories is like parting away from best friend. At such situation users feels so helpless, as they don’t know how to restore photo from memory card. Most of the users are unaware with this fact that photo recovery is possible.

Now-a-days technology had grown so vast which includes many inventions done as miracles. And recovering lost pictures files from memory card is not at all a big deal. Picture recovery tool made memory card photo recovery very easy and simple. But before coming to recovery, let’s have a look on some common scenarios which leads to the photo loss. There are numerous scenarios which in result photo loss from memory card, some of them are listed below:

  • Memory card formatting or reformatting done intentionally/unintentionally.
  • Accidental deletion of photos from memory card.
  • If boot sector of memory cards gets corrupted.
  • Memory card refuses to mount with the devices due to virus attack.
  • Sudden removal of card from the device while transferring of data.

Along with the data loss scenarios, have a look on some precautions it help you protect your data from the above mentioned scenarios:

  • Removal of memory card from the system must be performed properly by selecting “safely remove option”.
  • When card is connected to PC the updated antivirus must be ensured to get safe from virus attack.
  • Formatting and reformatting should be performed after maintaining a proper backup.

Following these precautions are really easy, but after following these precautions still if the photos are erased/deleted/lost then the last option left for you is to perform the recovery. Recovery for the memory card is as easy as clicking photos, just you need to choose advance picture recovery tool. First select trial version of this tool. If you find that trial version did well for you, then go for licensed version of the tool to recovered picture files.


Note: Immediately stop using the card after facing the data loss problem, because if use your card further for storing new files it will overwrites you lost files and recovery will became difficult. So if the cards are corrupted, formatted or files is deleted from the cards then it should not be written with the other data.



How To Retrieve Lost Files From Hard Drive easily?

Is there any file recovery software that could retrieve lost data media files of mine in an easy way without corrupting the other files in the PC?

How to recover all my files from pen drive which are lost while transferring from Pc to phone via a Bluetooth device?

I accidentally removed my USB flash drive while copying the data since I used the cut paste option I lost the data permanently. Anyone knows a good recovery tool or any inbuilt option to retrieve lost data files?

Losing media files while transferring in one device to a different set up is perhaps the most common usual thing that could occur at any time to everyone. Actual source of those losses is removing the external drives while it’s used through the operating system along with other system process, taking out the external device without resorting to the “safely remove hard disk and eject media “ option. In actual the results while transferring a knowledge or media file through serial bus is really a complicated process for that OS kernel process. Pulling away the external device through the connected pc will lead to a malfunction in device hard ware and software also. To prevent safely remove choice is provided which will carefully disconnect the continued technique of the operating system using the external device such as default scan process by antivirus programs.

How about media devices and external devices?

In the case of devices that are released by Apple incorporation the media loss is caused by human errors including resetting these devices in order that it can be remedied by other systems like windows or Linux or Mac and the like. During the time of resetting or synchronizing the product the entire data’s or media files are lost from your memory this means the index table pointing on the memory is cleared and hang to initial zero position. Therefore that it may be utilized for additional functionality like copying, and saving. Retrieving the key as well as other media files may be possible until and unless an individual reuse the drives or device storage memory .Such a case the index table is refilled by incorporating other values in order that to retrieve lost files from hard drive during copying turns into a tough task.

Which is the best way then?

Recover file software might be a good option to solve the problem in convenient manner. The superior quality recovery software is be determined by the how efficient it functions well with all the files with respect to independent of the main system process interruption and resource usage Which depends on the algorithm accustomed to scan, recover files in the external tool and other additional storage devices. And a lot in the entire tool will pay attention to the file system including HFSX, NTFS, HFS+, and FAT and so on. Any software which recovers files from these file systems is a better pick for the user that are the naive. For starters the tool will search for the available deleted or lost mp3 and media files then it will rewrite the index in order that the media file might be recovered.

Suggestions Provided:

There are several tools available for sale to decide on one of them can be a tricky task certainly if a wrong thing is done it will destroy the info permanently. The tool that will come under freeware might be fruitful only up to some level and after that you may be amid the water. For efficient throughput you may need a full version of a great tool to retrieve files of any formats. The wisest men and women always make a choice of the most useful recommended .Why don’t you have a test this tool…

The real reason for its high recommendation are highlighted below

  • Ø However miracle traffic bot not simply recovers media files which are in mp3 format but additionally a good recovery tool for audio, video and also other media files
  • Ø Truly it revives file with its highly efficient algorithm which scans the drive for deleted and lost files in an active manner
  • Ø This highly efficient software may be positioned in both leading os like Windows and Mac so the external device may be connected and recovered easily
  • Ø Well-Supported massive media file formats both in MAC and windows systems which are trusted

For more installation and download opt for the net help option

Note: Download full version and Set it up inside a separate drive or volume to acquire efficient results.

Repair damaged AVI files

AVI is a file format that contains useful algorithms called CODEC; these are compression and decompression algorithms. Thus AVI files are flexible to compression. The most popular video players today are DivX, VLC, Real Player and Windows Media Player etc. Most of these are for free of cost AVI video players, and some other players offers additional cost upgrades with enhanced capabilities.

Although all aspects of AVI files quality have improved greatly, it does have its constraints. It was not specifically designed for streaming Internet content as modern video players are today. Sometimes, AVI files may become unplayable or in accessible because of damaged or broken frames in audio or video streams.  These broken or damaged file usually generates soundless videos, or causes the video to freeze while sound continues, or skips through videos and other annoying errors that make viewing impossible. Fortunately you can fix AVI files which are damaged and repair them by using repair AVI file tool.

The common reasons for AVI files damage:

  • Bad Sectors: The damaged part in your storage device can be called as bad sectors. You cannot access the files from the bad sectors, which you have stored on it prior to its damage. This damage may corrupt your AVI files thereby making them inaccessible. Do not worry on how to repair AVI files because you have a tool provides the ultimate solution to AVI corruption.
  • Large File Size:  Let us consider if you downloading the large sized files like movie. In some scenarios it may happen that while downloading the movie into your system, you view an alert that disk is running low with space, and you decide to delete certain files from the particular disk randomly, and in a hurry you end up with deleting certain supported file of the movie. By end of this process, if you trying to open the movie it refuses to open. This is because your entire movie file got corrupted.
  • Virus attack:Sometimes, while downloading video files viruses and malwares do enter the system. This may also lead to AVI file corruption.
  • Synchronization error: If the audio and video stream is not properly synced it leads to major incompatibility issues, and finally renders the AVI file unplayable.

Always have a glance about memory space while downloading the large sized files, use a genuine method for compression of files. Use a UPS to prevent your system from freezing down, thereby helping yourself from preventing your AVI files getting corrupted.

Repair AVI File software is a reliable application designed, especially to repair broken or damaged AVI files. It supports Windows Operating Systems such as Windows X, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 7 and Windows 8 etc. And it also repairs damaged AVI files from MAC Operating System. It requires very less space to install it is about 50 MB.

Even you can experience the working procedure of the software, by demo version of this software. The demo version of the software allows you to view all repaired and recovered AVI, but to save or to restore them in particular location you need to own the license key of the software. You can download demo version for free of cost to evaluate the results.



The Best PowerPoint File Repair Software

It is served that many of the PowerPoint users faces the corruption or damage of PowerPoint files in which they may face the situations like, text is not visible, suddenly too much text on single slide, unable to open PPT files etc. Or sometimes you may receive strange error messages of about corruption or damage of PowerPoint files. As you know it takes lot of time and creativity to create a single presentation and if this file get damage then whatever you put effort to make that presentation go in vain. So it is always better to keep a backup of your PowerPoint files which becomes useful in such kind of situation otherwise damaged PowerPoint file recovery can be possible by using PowerPoint file repair software.

There are reasons behind the corruption or damage of PowerPoint file are mentioned below,

  • Virus or malware attack on PowerPoint application.
  • Unexpected systems turn off while accessing PowerPoint files.
  • Damage of PowerPoint file due sharing it on LAN/WAN network.
  • Failure or process of Uploading and downloading of PowerPoint files.
  • MS PowerPoint malfunctioning due to improper installation.
  • Human errors: closing PowerPoint application without proper setting.

These are the common scenarios due to which you may suffer from corruption or damage of PowerPoint files so it is always better to keep a backup of your important presentation files and take some precautions like, keeping antivirus in system, using good quality of UPS, avoid use of PowerPoint files over network, etc. However still many people faces the same problem of damage of PowerPoint files then to repair such files you can use the best PowerPoint file repair software.

Some remarkable features of PowerPoint file repair software are mentioned below,

  • This software helps to repair corrupted or damaged PowerPoint files of PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX formats.
  • This software is capable to repair damaged PowerPoint files and recover text effects, fonts, indentions, themes etc.
  • Even if your PowerPoint file is corrupted due to crashing of Operating System then also PowerPoint file repair software helps to repair damaged PowerPoint file as it was and restore it.
  • This software have a advanced algorithm which helps to deep scanning and searching of PowerPoint files over entire hard disk.
  • This software is capable to repair PowerPoint files on different storage media like hard drives (SATA/IDE/ATA), memory cards (like, SD, XD, CF, and MMC etc.), USB drives etc.
  • You can perform PowerPoint repair on different versions of PowerPoint files like, MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.
  • PowerPoint file repair software is compatible with all windows latest versions like, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc.

If you want to try for this software then you can download its free demo version and try to repair. PowerPoint file repair software is user friendly which does not required much technical knowledge to use this software. This software has provided with user manual which guides you to repair corrupted or damaged PowerPoint files easily without any difficulty.



Recover Trash on Mac OS

The Mac OS if you are using then you must aware about the extraordinary features of the operating system. This is the most updated OS for the users released from the Apple Group. So user preferably store the huge amount of data inside of the Mac hard disk as they think that the files are saved and secure here as the chances of the virus effect are very less. In Mac operating system, the Trash folder is there which is responsible to store the files initially when they get deleted from the drive due to any error. Recover Trash on Mac OS X is so simple with the data restore option.  While the data are not anymore in the Trash folder then it is somehow difficult to get back the files with so ease. This is the situation, which can handle by the Mac Trash Recovery kind of software.

The required data when get deleted over the hard drive you can simply find them on the Trash folder. What about the situation when you have also deleted the files over the Trash folder or you have emptied the whole Trash folder and all the contents of the particular folder has got deleted? In such scenarios you must have been thinking what to do with these deleted files, got deleted from the Trash folder. Here only an excellent recovery tool can assist you to get back your lost files. Mac Trash Recovery is that kind of software, designed by the experts as it supports the recovery of the trashed document on the Mac system. In all sort of situation when you badly trying to restore your data, the Mac Trash Recovery tool come to your way to recover Trash files on Mac.

How the situation occurs when your stored data get deleted over the trash folder? These sometimes depend upon the user’s mistake or the situation in which the data get deleted by itself from the Trash folder. Situation like you have decided to delete some of the selected folder and files from the Trash folder permanently to utilize the place and while deleting the files you might have deleted the other one. These can be possibility behind the data loss. Command + delete option sometime leads to the critical data loss on the Trash folder. Some kind of third party utilities are responsible for the data loss from the hard drive. They may affect the saved data on the Trash. Formatting the hard drive or at the time of repartitioning or partitioning, saved data may be deleted from the Trash folder as the process takes away all the stored data over the storage space.

The Mac Trash Recovery has been designed by the developer as per the requirements. Most possibly the software has been recognized as the best one by its user. Its uniqueness in scanning process in search of the trashed folder makes the software best. This specialized Mac recovery tool has no drawback in accordance to the Trash folder recovery. Perhaps you have seen this kind of recovery tool. But, it will be better for you if you do back up for your data every time. As for now if you want your data back utilizing the software then get it now.

How to recover lost photos??

We are lucky today, as there is availability of huge removable storage devices. You may use memory cards, pen drives, USB flash drive etc. Most of us utilize SD cards to store important photos on our mobiles, and digital cameras. You may store thousands of photos on external storage devices as they are capable of storing large amount of data. There may be photos of past time which you need to preserve them with you to recall the spent days. But some sudden disaster will strike unpredictably to bring you under tense. You may lose all historic photos due to accidental or unidentified mistakes. Nothing to worry our photo recovery tool is designed to triumph over these unwanted situations. Of course this photo recovery software will recover all photos along with other data successfully. Now we may understand why the deletion of photos from external storage devices occurs.

Photo deletion scenarios:-

  • Unexpected deletion: – You may delete all precious photos mistakenly from your memory card or any other storage devices, like you may prefer important data while deleting redundant photos, then it make you to finish up in crucial photos loss.
  • Abrupt disconnection of storage device: – When you are locating crucial photos from external removable storage media, at the time if you suddenly cut off it from the system, then complete data may be blemished and turn out to be unapproachable to you.
  • Virus strike: – There is a chance of virus commotion on your removable storage devices when it is connected to already virus affected system. And virus harms undoubtedly to your photos.
  • Raw Partition: – Sometimes you could transfer all much needed photos to your system, that time the system’s OS may fail to recognize partition of your device, it may possibly make you to lose data.
  • Unpremeditated format: – You could format your storage media unpredictably by pressing format option, it cause you severe data loss.

When your important photos are deleted / omitted from external storage device, do not undertake overwriting with new information. If it is overwritten, it tends to permanent loss. Now there will be a question how to recover lost photos from USB hard drive. This advanced photo recovery tool to convalesces data that had disappeared from above listed reasons. It is an expert program to recoup all lost / deleted photos from all removable storage drives.

It restores data even after formatting the drives. This photo recovery tool is proficient to re-establish lost photos from corrupted external storage drives. It recovers and restores data regardless of file formats, it repossess all kinds of files like photos, texts,  animated files, movies, documents, music, etc. from it. It sustains all brands external storage devices. This tool can renovate all file formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, TIF and RAW photos. It can rescue photos files from digital camera of various brands. When recovery process is running it won’t alter other files and creates new location for recovered files.

Demo vision of photo recovery software can be available to examine its recovery results. When you run demo version means it will recover all vanished data and make them noticeable. In order to store the recovered files you require to pay for the absolute version of this program.



Recover Outlook PST Files

What does Microsoft Outlook actually use for? Well many of the user preferably uses the Microsoft Outlook to store their personal data like emails, journals, contacts, Tasks etc.  Using the Outlook account user generally store all the important or the essential kind of data. So if in any situation losing the files from the Outlook account is nothing but a great loss for the user. This is the sort of casualties, which is just unbearable to the user. At this situation, it is required to find out the kind of extraordinary PST file recovery tool for the lost PST files. And you must be glad to know that your search for that required tool comes to end here. The Recover Outlook PST software will perform the unique recovery of your lost PST files with lots of care.

Using the outlook PST files its truly simple to access the important data while you are not connected to the internet. These PST files usually store the emails content of the user and all other saved details. It also contains the important official emails or any required contacts etc. At the time when you positively try to access these data, if somehow the data is not accessible to the user then the stored mail get deleted for sure. In regards to recover deleted items from Outlook, the best solution available is the PST file recovery software. But how the data stored on the drive get removed from the hard drive may get deleted due to the many possible scenarios which is not possible to avoid but you can actually try to solve it out the situations of the data loss on the hard drive.

The mostly effective reasons behind the data loss situations are mentioned here in brief. The most effective reason behind the data loss situation is the effect of the virus on the PST files. When you attempt to download any files or emails on the internet you don’t bother about the situation that the files can’t get effected due to the virus attack or virus get downloaded with the files from the internet. After this if you apply any kind of antivirus program on your Outlook PST files then during the affected file scanning procedure some of the file may get disappear from the Outlook account and it takes away large amount of data like emails, contact, journals from the account. Here the PST files are generally stored on the system hard drive. If the computer hard drive suffers the situation of formatting the hard disk or the hard disk partition then the stored PST files saved on the drive will also get removed from the drive and you won’t be able to access your data any further. In this regards the required solution is the Recover Outlook PST software.

This special kind of software comes with the feature to scan the hard drive enormously in search of the lost PST files over your system hard drive. It positively restores all the Outlook attributes from the hard drives. The software has been designed with simple user interface so the use of the recovery software is so simple and the recovery will be so secure. You can simply download the software and try to regain the lost files. The above-mentioned software you will get it here.

How to recover deleted partition on external hard disk drive

Hard drives simply called as HDD is a common storage device among almost all of the computer systems. Each computer systems will have internal computer drives whereby all the program files, main system, user files and also other data will be stored. And external hdd is certainly one that has to be connected externally to the system to keep multiple useful data, usually used as backup device. The difficult drives stores your data files depending on the file system. The file systems of hard drives are FAT, FAT12, FAT16, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HPFS, etc. And the common file systems in Windows computer drives are FAT and NTFS, while for Mac it is HFS.
The external hard drives like Seagate hard drive, Western Digital hard disk drive, Sony hard disks, etc are the popular brands of hard drives. The NTFS file system i.e. New Technology File System of hard disks was the improved FAT file system. File system is the process of storing and fetching your data over a hard drive. Your data that you store on the hard disks could be lost at certain situations that may be hard drive crash or accidental deletion of internet data, etc. Now assume that you employ western digital hard disk drive and also the file system is NTFS. You used the drive to keep certain collections of data. You partitioned the memory space of the drive into separate sections called partitions. While processing some data around the hard drive there was numerous times of power surge. For that reason the hard drive crashed out of the blue. Now no data is accessible and therefore you’ve lost data from NTFS hard disk. In such situation without wasting time take advantage of hard disk drive recovery software before performing any type of actions on the hard drive. This might boost the percentage of file recovery from corrupt hard disk without any stress. The program mentioned helps the needy to recover deleted partition data.

Few more reasons that lead to data loss from hard disks are:

  • Virus infection – Once the WD hard drive is attacked by virus the information present on it can be corrupt that makes the file inaccessible.
  • Change of file system – While you change the file system of your hard drive from FAT to NTFS, occurrence associated with any errors during the process might sometimes corrupt the files that are stored on it.
  • Uninstall file system – You are not satisfied with the current NTFS file system that you are using on the hard drive and uninstalled it back to the default FAT system. But the file system crashed as the process was not executed properly. Thus the data stored on the hard drive is corrupt and cannot be accessed.
  • File system Installation errors – When you install the file system on a hard drive, during the process if there occur any errors then it might affect the data stored on it.

Hard drive data might be lost in many alternative situations and the best approach to recover these lost data is here. The program utility can be utilized to recover corrupted hard drive data, lost data, and deleted partition from hard drives. The software program is designed for every one of the data loss situations from hard disks of varied brands like WD, Sony, Seagate, etc. The application utility can be briefed below:

  • Restores deleted partition data from various hard disk drives.
  • Recovers all types of data from corrupted computer drives and also other storage devices.
  • Absolutely recovers corrupt documents from virus infected hard drives and crashed hard disk drives.
  • Recovers FAT and NTFS partition data files which are corrupt or lost.
  • Also restores HFS partition data on Mac systems.

The software program serves good in recovering different file system data from Windows and Mac systems. If you wish to offer a try for this utility download the software program. The downloadable software is only for trial purpose, if it’s useful then you can purchase the complete software.