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How to Find Missing Files in Windows 8 System?

“From last few days, I was using internet on Windows 8 laptop to collect info for my assignment. Due to this my Windows 8 system gets infected by severe viruses and malware by which files saved in laptop hard drive is affected. When I come to know about this, then I scanned the drive using latest antivirus program to remove viruses from the system drive. After completion of drive scanning process, I come to know that my few important files get missed from the drive. Please help me to find missing file in Windows 8 laptop.”

Are you facing same file missing issue in Windows 8 PC? Is above described problem is yours? Then, do not need to worry about it as you can easily get back those missing files still. After missing the files from Windows 8 computer, you should stop the uses of that laptop drive from which files have been missed without any delay because if you save the new files in laptop hard drive, then memory space of storage device will overwrite with new files by which you can loss files permanently. Here, in this article I am providing you an advanced way by which can safely find missing files in Windows 8 PC. To overcome from such painful situation, you can take the help of Windows 8 File Recovery Application and easily get back all missing files.

Most Common Factors behind File Deletion or Missing:

  • People prefer to save large number of files in laptop hard drives. If the file system of Windows 8 system hard drive gets corrupted, by which files saved on the drive are invisible for user and causes entire files lose.
  • When user defragments Windows 8 system hard disk drive to access to files in fast way. During this process, if some sort of error occurred by which can result in file loss.
  • In Windows 8 laptop, file missing can also be a cause of unexpectedly using of combination “shift + deletes”.
  • If Windows 8 system hard drive partition gets crashed by which user are inaccessible to data, which further tends user to format the partition and face file loss issue.
  • There may be some other instance of file missing situations such as Windows 8 OS get corrupted, human mistakes, manufactured defect in Windows 8 system hard drives, interruption in file transfer process, etc.

Features of Windows 8 File Recovery Application:

  • Windows 8 file Recovery app is capable to solve all file missing issues without any other problems.
  • This easy to use utility helps user to find missing files in Windows 8 hard drives safely and securely without editing the original file info.
  • This advanced tool helps to sort the restored missing files according to their size, type and date.
  • Apart from data retrieving on Windows 8 PC, it also supports other Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • This software not only recovers data from hard drive, but also from various storage devices such as USB drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, Secure Digital cards, iPods.
  • It is capable to find missing files in windows 8 systems, including documents, audios, videos and many others.

How to Recover Data from Toshiba Hard Drive?

Hard drives that are very commonly known for almost all the computer users is a basic data storage device to hold all the data on computer desktops, laptops and other gadgets. Hard drives are manufactured by different brands including Toshiba, Transcend, SanDisk, Lenovo and many others. Toshiba is one of the world’s leading data storage drive manufacturing brand. People prefer Toshiba hard drives due to its various advanced features. But Toshiba hard drive data will become deleted or lost due to many reasons. One such reason is RAW hard drive. It is a state of the drive, wherein the system fails to recognize the file system of the hard disk. And this occurs when the file system of Toshiba hard drive gets corrupted or damaged.

For example, assume that you had connected an external hard drive carrying numerous pictures and other files. You wanted to transfer those data on to your system drive. But during the process of sending those files you unintentionally removed your external drive. Due to this the drive became corrupt and turned RAW. When you tried to open, and access the files in it many error messages were displayed such as, “The disk in drive (X) is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”, or “Sector not found”. Whenever hard drive becomes RAW, it shows a message that the disk space as 0 bytes and worse, you will not be able to access any data from it. In order to get back data from Toshiba drive, you can take the help of Recover Toshiba application and easily overcome from these circumstances.

Common Causes of Data Deletion or loss from Toshiba Hard drive:

Sudden Power surge: While accessing data Toshiba hard drive, if your system shut down on account of power fluctuations and power surge, then MFT (Managed file transfer) file may get damaged and result in inaccessibility of drive data.

Corruption of hard drive Partition Table: Partition table is a collection of all crucial information of the files stored on partitions. It holds all the entries of the files and thus corruption of this Partition Table will cause inaccessibility of data saved on Toshiba drive.

Interruptions while formatting or reformatting: While formatting or reformatting Toshiba hard drives or its partitions, if any interruptions occur, then it affects the file system of the drive and thus the data stored on it will become inaccessible and you face data loss issue from it.

Other Causes: Accidental deletion, drive failed, virus infection, partition corruption, an OS crash, drive defragmentation, bad sectors, incorrectly formatting, registry cleaners, system reinstalled, improper operations, MBR Corruption, key combinations, etc. can lead to data loss from Toshiba drive.

Features of Recover Toshiba Software:

  • Supports to restores all file types including media files (pictures, videos, RAW photos, movies, etc.), office files (DOC, DOCX, EXE, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, etc.), compressed files and many others.
  • Additionally, Recover Toshiba app is capable of restoring lost data from other storage media such as external HDD, pen drives, flash memory cards, SSD, system drive and many others.
  • Also, helps to recover data from different type of hard drives including SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. on Windows and Mac systems.
  • Recover Toshiba software can be utilized to restore lost files after MFT corruption in Windows and also restores FAT, NTFS, HFS, file system hard drives with in few simple steps.

How to Recover Lost Files after Reformatting Hard Drive?

As you know that hard drive is a storage device which is extensively used to store any kind of files. Have you ever come across a situation to reformat your drive, when programs keep crashing or other peculiar problems keeps on occurring in your system? Are you worried!  Reformatting hard drive may lead to lose all your files? How to restore files from reformatted hard drive?

Don’t get panic as you have option Reformatted software to recover lost files after reformatting hard drive within few simple clicks.

Is it really possible to retrieve files after reformatting!

This is the common question which hits up in each n every persons mind. if the files are formatted and deleted from the drive, where does the  deleted files exist to recover?  Here is a solution for this particular query. Whenever the drive is reformatted it may not completely erase all files from the drive, it erases critical areas and gives the appearance of an empty disk to the operating system, but the contents will not be destroyed permanently until and unless it is overwritten with some other files. Hence it is possible you to recover data after reformat.

Simple procedure to recover lost files after reformatting hard drive:

  • To recover the files from the reformatted hard drive first download the reformatted software on your operating system and install it.
  • Once the application is installed successfully Run the software to get back files.
  • Next, select the Recover Drives from the main screen.
  • To continue recover files after reformatting hard drive selectFormatted or Reformatted Recovery option on the screen
  • Choose the hard drive later where you want to restore files after reformatting hard drive and click on Next button to process.
  • Scanning process will starts. Once the scan is completed, you can preview the files.
  • If you want to save the recovered files then buy software.

Prominent attributes of reformatted file recovery application:

  • This software is versatile by nature where it can retrieve lost files while reformatting of hard drive on all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and so on.
  • You can employ this software not only to rollback the data from hard disk but can also recover data from storage device like external hard drive, after formatting, reinstalling OS etc.
  • The software is open to restore all the data without altering the content of source files.
  • It allows user to recover files from formatted hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Apart from retrieving Operating System data, this software also enables torestore formatted data from SD card, SDXC, CF, XD, etc.

Key points to remember:

  • Do not use system hard drive after reformat operation.
  • Better try to keep backup of files before reformatting.

Here’s an Easy Way to Recover Data from Computer

In this modern world, Computers are often used to perform the different operations as per the need of the users. As we all know well that the computer uses hard disk drive to store the data. Hard drives are the essential components of the computers which helps user in easy access of the stored files. Users can store data depend upon the capacity of the hard drive.  Large amount of data can be store in the hard drives of the computers and for the convenient purpose of the users in accessing the files, these hard drives are further made division into partitions.

Partitioning is the process of dividing the hard drive into drive depending upon the amount of the data. Due to partitions, users can operate the dual booting on two different drives. These partitions of the hard drive have capacity to store the files like audio, video, image, games, software, applications, contacts, calendar, MS files, etc. and also can access these files whenever required.

Due to some reasons, files get lost from the computer device even on the Windows or Mac operating system. Sometimes there is chance that you may also lose important files from the computer device. Here after losing the computer file, instead of worrying make use of the third party tool which make you easy way. These tools are especially designed with new algorithms for recovering lost computer file. To know how the computer files get recovered with these tools you can check this out page and gets the required information regarding recovering of computer file recovery

According to my opinion, Software name as Computer File Recovery which can perform file recovery with ease as it is equipped with the advance features. Let us discuss the features of this third party program.

Advance features of this Tool:

  • This Software has ability to recover the lost computer files of any extension with the help of its strong procedure.
  • This Tool uses save recovery session which save the time of the users while recovering the lost computer file.
  • It works well in recovering the lost computer file on the different platforms of the Windows operating system like Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

With these features, this utility can easily recover the lost computer file and this tool helps the user to preview the lost file on the desktop with the help of its trial version. This trial version is free of cost; you can visit this website and can preview the lost files from the computer device before buying the software. Now let us see the reasons for the lost of files from the computer.

Reasons for the loss of files:

  • With the third party tool like antivirus software can erase the data from the computer without informing the users about the deletion of files. These tools delete the files as these are affected with the virus and these files are responsible for the slowdown of the computer device.
  • Users while performing some operations with the files on computer might format the device accidentally. So this is an accidental case which results in loss of files for permanent until making use of the recovering software.

Sometimes file system of computer device which arrange all files of the hard drive of computers can corrupts due to some reasons. If the file system is get corrupted then the hard drive will become inaccessible and user may not find another option rather than removing the files from the computer.

Windows Data Recovery Tool

Day by day Windows computers are dominating the market with new and improved personal assistant features. Windows operating systems are entirely different from other operating systems in gaming experience because they are interfaced by Xbox. Cortana, which is similar to Apple’s Siri application is used with the latest version of Windows operating system for easy navigation through local hard drive.

Windows operating system is providing various backup features like Exchange office 365, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc for the benefits of Microsoft users. This backup stuffs have the potential to backup personal information, photos, videos and text messages in Windows computers. All Windows operating system supports automatic and manual data syncing as it depend up on the users. This backup stuffs helps the user to restore accidently deleted file from there computer. Windows operating system also generate systematic reminders for avoiding data loss from hard drive.

Data loss from Windows operating system is the one of serious issues faced by Windows users. Windows has diverse features but no one can guarantee regarding safety of data. Have you forgotten to keep backup of your necessary files? Don’t worry about recovering lost files from Windows hard drive. We will guide you to survive such situations. Now we will discuss about the causes of data loss from Windows operating system.

Data loss scenarios in Windows operating

  • Accidentally deletion of files by pressing the Delete button while previewing them by using any third party Windows applications.
  • Lacking proper examining of Recycle Bin, the user may empties the Recycle Bin then it will lead to permanent deletion of necessary files existing in Recycle Bin.
  • While Windows user trying to delete unwanted files from hard disk, the users may accidentally chose necessary files and chose delete operation or format option.
  • Sudden turn off Windows computer while the transferring process is in progress may lose your valuable data.

Format error, logical error, bad sectors, usage of defective third party application are the other reasons behind the deletion of necessary data from Windows operating system. Do you know how to recover windows lost file with few mouse clicks without damaging other files? If no then here is a tool named Windows file Recovery Software that will definitely solve your problem, it helps to get back all lost data. They are using modern advanced algorithms for retrieving lost data files in Windows operating system.

This tool helps to recover files from corrupted hard drive. It also helps to  get back deleted photos from MMC flash memory cards, external, SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, FireWire Drives, iPods, SD, XD, and USB drives, etc. Application is designed with a simple interactive user interface, which makes it quite easy for users to restore files from Windows PC’s.  Saving recovery session allows the user to restart the scanning process at any time so as to recover Windows data that are deleted or lost.

Avoid data loss from Windows operating system with few simple steps

  • Don’t connect virus affected flash drives on your Windows computers.
  • Always try to use damage free flash drive for data transferring and sharing.
  • Ensure backup of your necessary file on Exchange office 365, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc or in any storage device
  • Make sure that process is completed before you turn off computer.
  • Use only genuine and licensed Windows operating system for ensuring safety of your valuable data.

How to Restore Files from SD Card after Formatting it?

Last night I was transferring files from my SD card to system in order to prepare backup of important files. Accidentally press format option while transferring files due to which all file and folders get washed off from my SD card. It is a terrible condition for me as my SD card contains lots of important files. I want to restore deleted files from SD card immediately. Is there any effective application to recover files from SD card after formatting? Please suggest….!!!

If you are facing similar condition don’t get panic, just make use of Data Recovery Software to recover data from SD card after format by following few simple steps. This application is reliable and robust since it recovers files keeping the original files unchanged. Data Recovery Software is safe and secure application since it is free from virus/malware attack. Data Recovery Software is compatible with all file system such as FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT and many more. This application is also used to recover deleted or lost files from different storage device.

Reasons of formatting of SD Card

  • When you are connected your SD card to infected system then there is high possibility that virus enter into card. As a result of which files stored in your card get infected and you are unable to access the files. In such case you are forced to format the SD card to avoid the infection of file of from virus.
  • File system allocates files and folders of different storage device. If the file system gets corrupted due to certain reason such as virus attack then operating system is not able to allocate the file and folders and become unreachable from user. This scenario force user to format the SD card.
  • Format option is used to clean storage device. Sometimes when you are performing some task, you accidentally click on format option. This results in permanent deletion of files from SD card.

You can use this application for effective recovering of files from formatted SD card in few simple steps. This application has several advantages which make it superior from other recovering tools. You can easily recover data from SD card after format on internal or external storage device.

Features of Data Recovery Software

  • Data Recovery Software can be easily downloaded and installed on all the latest version of Windows such as (Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista) and Mac (Lion, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard).
  • It restores almost 330 types of file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, DOC, PPT, etc.
  • Preview option is available to view restored file. The user can only view, can’t save the recovered file.
  • Data Recovery Software has an outstanding feature named Find option which allows user to search file according to file name and size.
  • You are able to retrieve file either on internal or external storage device.
  • It is fastest in recovering data from SD card after format in few mouse clicks.

Finding Deleted Data in Few Simple Steps

Nowadays everybody uses PC/laptop to store personal or professional data. These data can be shared with others via any means like mobile, email, fax etc. Generally important and crucial data are stored in the system so it is essential to take care about safety of them.

Even if there is large storage capacity in system but some days you may find there is lack of memory space, in such case you need to delete unnecessary files which are no longer needed, use to store new files on those location. So there is delete option in your system to reuse the memory. Files can be deleted in two ways:

  • Temporary deletion: Using delete button on your keyboard you can delete a file, such deleted file will be stored in Recycle Bin, which can be restores if needed. This facility is given to restore the files which you may delete by mistake.
  • Permanent deletion: This feature I is used to delete files forever. First you be sure that specific files will not be used longer in such case you should use Shift + Delete or Delete command on Command Prompt. After permanent deletion files can’t be restore easily.

Despite of taking care of such files sometime you may be the victim of deleted data. Temporary deleted files can be restore easily from the Recycle Bin using restore option. But in case of permanent deletion, you need efficient third party program to find erased files. Find Delete Data is one the most used and recommended program to find erased files from system. This software will help you to find deleted data with easy steps. For details follow below instructions.

Situation when data can be deleted

Unintentional Deletion:  When you find less memory space, while deleting unnecessary files you may choose important files too and delete permanently by using shift + delete or from command prompt or by empting recycle bin. In such case you need to use Find Deleted Data software.

By passing Recycle Bin: Generally Recycle Bin’s capacity is of 7% to 10% of total memory space available on device. When the deleted files exceeds the size of Recycle Bin it by pass the Recycle Bin even if you used only Delete option. File will be deleted permanently instead of moving to recycle Bin.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Sometime after empting Recycle Bin, you may find that there were some important files on Recycle Bin gone deleted, now only Find Deleted Data software can help you.

Accidentally formatted: When you connect your Pen drive to system, sometime you may get message to format the device, by clicking on ok device will be formatted and data will be lost permanently.

Reinstalling OS: Sometime you may want to Upgrade your system’s OS, and forget to take back up of files, while reinstalling existed files will be deleted.

Besides of above mentioned scenarios there are many more reason which may lead to data deletion such as Improper shutting down of system, due to third party tool, bad sector, interruption in cut paste, etc.

Features of the Software

  • It has powerful algorithm to retrieve temporary as well as permanently deleted files from formatted drive too.
  • Capable to restore deleted files from hard drive as well as from any storage device.
  • Supports almost all popular OS of Windows and MAC.
  • Restores files from emptied Recycle Bin.
  • Recovers by passed files from Recycle Bin.
  • Capable enough to restore almost all types of files including images, audios, videos, etc.
  • Restores files even from corrupted and partitioned hard drive.

Software for Restoring Files after System Restore

Sometimes the installation of any program or driver may result in unexpected changes to the system or cause Windows to behave unpredictably. Uninstalling the software or driver may correct the problem. If it doesn’t fix the problem, then you have to restore your computer to an earlier state when everything was working correctly.

A restore point is a representation of a stored state of your computer’s system files to an earlier point in time. Restore points are automatically created by System restore weekly and when System restore detects the beginning of a change to the computer, such as when you install a program or driver. Some files may be missed or corrupted after restoring the system. It may be some important documents or files, if you want to recover these files then you can use file recovery software for restoring your valuable files and documents.

Common Reasons for File Loss after System Restore

Backup Plan: Once the system restore process takes place, the system restores back to a certain point. Sometimes files stored in this disk may be lost after system restoration. Data loss takes place if you don’t have any backup.

Mistakes have done by the users: A user may abruptly shut down the system while system is restoring because system shut down may also lead to power loss.

Other reasons for file loss: Bad sectors, severe virus attack, malfunctioning of third party software are some of the reasons for file loss from the computer.

Features of File Recovery Software:

  • This application is capable of scanning the entire disk and recovering the files after system restoring
  • Based on the unique signature you can identify and recover more than 250 file types such as spreadsheets, music files, documents, zip archives, email archives, etc.
  • Well known tool to recover files lost after system restore from Windows or Mac OS based laptops / computers.
  • Recovered files can be sorted on the basis of name of the file, creation date of the file, extension of the file, and size of the file.
  • You can create disk image to bypass the bad sectors in the disk. By using these disk images you can recover the data.
  • File recovery software helps you to recover and restore file types such as doc, PPT, JPG, BMP, MOV, AVI, PNG, PST, etc.
  • Using this software you can recover files that were deleted from recycle bin, files deleted by using shift and delete.
  • It is possible to add or edit new signatures in this software, this option helps you to find different file types with much ease
  • Recovered files can be viewed on the basis of file extension type by using “File Type View” option.
  • Save recovery session helps you to save the session until scan has been completed.
  • Before restoring the files, you can preview the recovered files using the preview option in this software
  • File Recovery software is one of the best utility tool to recover the files after system restoring
  • File Recovery tool has simple user interface, which users can implement to recover their files by simply following the mentioned instructions
  • Recovered files can be saved to CD/ DVD or flash drives or any other external hard disk drive which helps you to recover large amount of data

How a file is recovered after System restoring

Files stored in the disk are managed by the file system. When a new file is added to the disk, file system adds the file to a directory structure-like area, an indicator that points the region in the disk which is known as pointer. When a system restore begins the file system is restored and the pointers will disappears but the files are still on the disk. You can recover this data with the help of recovery software. File recovery tool is effective software developed for recovering the files after system restoring.

Notes to prevent file lost after system recovering

  • Once your computer undergoes any malfunction and you are going to restore your computer then take backup of your important files / data before system restoring.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully while restoring your system.
  • After system restore, if you find some files were lost and you wish to recover that files then don’t use that disk to store other files.
  • After recovering files save the files in other drive, if you save the file in the same drive then data overwriting takes place and it results in permanent loss of your data.

Steps to recover files after system restoring

Step 1: Download and install free trial version of File Recovery software

Step 2: Launch the file recovery software and follow the instructions that displays on your screen

Step 3: On the home screen you can see three options “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Drives”. Select the Recover Drives option.

Step 4: You can see two options on the next screen Partition Recovery and Formatted / Re-formatted recovery

Step 4: Select Partition Recovery option from the screen to recover files after system restore

Step 5: Once you select this option, physical drives present in yoursystem will be displayed on the screen. Select a drive to recover files.

Step 6: Now the entire disk will be scanned and files are listed in data view or file type view.

Step 7: Preview the files recovered by the file recovery tool

Step 8: If you are satisfied with File Recovery software buy this application and restore your valuable files.

Step 9: After purchasing the software you can save the files at desired location.

How To Retrieve Lost Files From Hard Drive easily?

Is there any file recovery software that could retrieve lost data media files of mine in an easy way without corrupting the other files in the PC?

How to recover all my files from pen drive which are lost while transferring from Pc to phone via a Bluetooth device?

I accidentally removed my USB flash drive while copying the data since I used the cut paste option I lost the data permanently. Anyone knows a good recovery tool or any inbuilt option to retrieve lost data files?

Losing media files while transferring in one device to a different set up is perhaps the most common usual thing that could occur at any time to everyone. Actual source of those losses is removing the external drives while it’s used through the operating system along with other system process, taking out the external device without resorting to the “safely remove hard disk and eject media “ option. In actual the results while transferring a knowledge or media file through serial bus is really a complicated process for that OS kernel process. Pulling away the external device through the connected pc will lead to a malfunction in device hard ware and software also. To prevent safely remove choice is provided which will carefully disconnect the continued technique of the operating system using the external device such as default scan process by antivirus programs.

How about media devices and external devices?

In the case of devices that are released by Apple incorporation the media loss is caused by human errors including resetting these devices in order that it can be remedied by other systems like windows or Linux or Mac and the like. During the time of resetting or synchronizing the product the entire data’s or media files are lost from your memory this means the index table pointing on the memory is cleared and hang to initial zero position. Therefore that it may be utilized for additional functionality like copying, and saving. Retrieving the key as well as other media files may be possible until and unless an individual reuse the drives or device storage memory .Such a case the index table is refilled by incorporating other values in order that to retrieve lost files from hard drive during copying turns into a tough task.

Which is the best way then?

Recover file software might be a good option to solve the problem in convenient manner. The superior quality recovery software is be determined by the how efficient it functions well with all the files with respect to independent of the main system process interruption and resource usage Which depends on the algorithm accustomed to scan, recover files in the external tool and other additional storage devices. And a lot in the entire tool will pay attention to the file system including HFSX, NTFS, HFS+, and FAT and so on. Any software which recovers files from these file systems is a better pick for the user that are the naive. For starters the tool will search for the available deleted or lost mp3 and media files then it will rewrite the index in order that the media file might be recovered.

Suggestions Provided:

There are several tools available for sale to decide on one of them can be a tricky task certainly if a wrong thing is done it will destroy the info permanently. The tool that will come under freeware might be fruitful only up to some level and after that you may be amid the water. For efficient throughput you may need a full version of a great tool to retrieve files of any formats. The wisest men and women always make a choice of the most useful recommended .Why don’t you have a test this tool…

The real reason for its high recommendation are highlighted below

  • Ø However miracle traffic bot not simply recovers media files which are in mp3 format but additionally a good recovery tool for audio, video and also other media files
  • Ø Truly it revives file with its highly efficient algorithm which scans the drive for deleted and lost files in an active manner
  • Ø This highly efficient software may be positioned in both leading os like Windows and Mac so the external device may be connected and recovered easily
  • Ø Well-Supported massive media file formats both in MAC and windows systems which are trusted

For more installation and download opt for the net help option

Note: Download full version and Set it up inside a separate drive or volume to acquire efficient results.

How to recover recycle bin?

Usage of Computers is growing as fast as fire in a dry forest. All the important data have to be saved in either of our systems hard drives, USB drives, or many other devices used for the storage purposes. We store vast music collection, family photos, any important documents, and financial records etc. but due to some reasons like accidental deletion, using shift + delete to delete a file, or if the size of the deleted files exceeds from recycle bin size. So how to recover recycle bin lost files? It is very easy to get back all your data by using windows file recovery software. There are many reasons, because of which files may loss like,

  • Accidentally deletion of files using Shift+Delete key combination.
  • When file bypass recycle bin is exceeds in size.
  • When file emptied from recycle bin.

When files or folders get deleted from recycle bin, technically still data is present, but you are unable to access your file. What happens is the pointer to the data is only deleted but data still remains in there. Nevertheless, the only condition is files should not be overwritten then there you got the chance to get back or restore your deleted/lost/erased files. To restore your data properly you need effective Windows data recovery software. Select the software that must have good interface to support its usage and also recover data from recycle bin/hard drive effectively.

With Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition you will be assure for the retrieval of the lost data from recycle bin. This software is reliable because,

  • This software have user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful scanning engine is been built.
  • Supports so many file types than any other software.
  • You can filter your search of retrieval on the basis of their name, file size, and file type.
  • The files deleted from recycle bin are visible and are accessible at a single scan.
  • It recovers data from different hard drives like SATA/SCSI/IDE, flash memory cards like, USB external devices etc.

This software is compatible with Operating systems like Microsoft Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008. You can download demo version of this software and can see the unexpected output result. Then if you satisfy with results you can purchase the full version of this software.