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Software to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

“Last week, when I was connected my external hard drive to my system for transferring files. After sometime what I see that entire data inside the drive gets corrupted. Those data are very much important for me as it contains my office work documents. Is there any software which can recover my data from external hard drive after data loss?

If you are facing such circumstances, then don’t get panic. You can use Recover External Drive software to recover files from external hard drive with great ease. This advanced recovery software scans your entire external hard drive and recovers your files within a few mouse clicks.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from External Hard Drive:

Accidental Deletion: While previewing the files on external hard drive, unintentionally you select all the files and delete them which results in deletion of all files present in that drive.

Virus Attack: If external hard drive is infected by harmful virus which enters during transferring of files from infected system or vice-versa then there might be a chance of file corruption.

 Unintentional Format: Sometime it may happens that you want to format the secondary storage device on your system or laptop but accidentally you select external hard drive and format it. As a result which you will encounter with data loss from external hard drive.

Other Reasons: Unexpected shutdown of system while transferring files, using third party tool, file system corruption, power surge, improper removal of the drive, etc also leads to data loss from External hard drive.

Features of Recover External Drive software:

  • Recover External Drive software is capable of recovering data from  various hard drive interfaces such as SCSI, ATA, SATA, IDE, etc.
  • This software restores files from different types of file system such as NTFS, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+, NTFS5, FAT16, etc.
  • This tool is also capable of recovering external hard drive files on Mac/Windows operating system.
  • It recovers files from external hard drive of different popular brands such as HP, Buffalo, Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Iomega, etc.
  • It also recovers files from RAW external hard disk drive.
  • Apart from External hard disk drive, you can also recovers files from other secondary storage device such as pen drive, iPods, memory sticks, flash drive, SD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, USB drive, etc.
  • In this software, there are two types of view available for the users, first is File type View and second one is Data type View.
  • It performs deleted/ lost data recovery on different partition of hard drive such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partition, etc.
  • This software can also avail Find option through which users can search the recovered files on the basis of date of creation of file, file size, file name, file type, etc.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Tool for Windows and Mac

Hard drives plays vital role in storing information in PC. The term “HDD” is truly short for “Hard Disk Drive”. The separations of those drives are believed as partitions. We are able to make partition for storing files which contains numerous styles of documents like media files, MS Word documents, PPTs, etc. But, there is a chance of losing data from hard disk due to abrupt shutdown of system, file system corruption, drives crash, accidental deletion, etc. Mostly, it is seen that user could formats or deletes their partition unknowingly. Whenever, you are working with hard disk partitions for some operations like formatting or re-formatting, there may have some data loss inside your hard disk partition.

However, you can easily overcome these causes with the assistance of an ultimate tool like Hard Disk Recovery software. This is the best hard disk recovery tool for Windows as well as for Mac. With this app you definitely come to know how to recover data from hard disk under following data loss scenarios.

Scenarios for data loss or deletion from hard disk

  • Accidental Deletion: Whenever, you are processing with drive partitions for sure operations like formatting or re-formatting, there may have some data destruction in your HDD. Whereas, while deleting unwanted data, user may choose important information and then perform delete operation using simple delete key or shift + delete key combination.
  • Virus Attacks: Hard disk having valuable information which might get deleted or go missing from it at some stage and that will be commonly due to severe virus attack.
  • Interruption during Data Transfer: While moving files from drive to any external drive, user may abruptly eject the external storage media which results in data from it.
  • Other Causes: You may lose data from your Mac computer due to various other reasons like damaged drive, file system corruption, journal corruption, damaged MBR, and so on.

In spite of above mentioned data loss scenarios, you can easily recover data from hard disk using the best and highly recommended app called hard disk recovery tool.

Advanced features of Hard Disk Recovery Software

  • It is an excellent tool to recover data which has been deleted or lost due to any reason from your Windows or Mac computer.
  • The tool can retrieves data from formatted hard drive, deleted partitions, RAW drive, RAID drive, non-booting drive, and so on.
  • It has ability to restore files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives.
  • This product also recovers deleted or lost files from formatted, damaged and inaccessible SATA, IDE and SCSI hard drives.
  • Using this software, you can even get back data from different brands of HDDs like Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Iomega, LaCie, Samsung, etc.
  • It has ability to locate and recover all types of files including photos, audios, videos, RAW photo files, documents, system files, etc.
  • You can evaluate its performance as it provides preview option to view the recovered data before saving it on any destination location.

Data Recovery from xBox External Hard Drives

I had XBOX device in which I have inserted 320 GB of external hard drive to store games and other files. However, recently I have connected that device to a system to transfer few new games, meanwhile there was one more USB device which was also connected to a system. Actually, I was about to format that USB device but unfortunately I have formatted my XBOX instead of that USB device and lost all data. I do not want to lose those games since I loved to play games all the times and even I have passionate about it.  Can anyone suggest ideas to recover data from my XBOX 360 external hard drive?

In recent days, Xbox 360 gain popularity over games since it provides a high performance gaming console with simple configurations and portability feature, high storage capacity, etc.  Xbox 360 gaming console allows a user to use external hard drive in which you can save data includes games, files, etc. At times, your data stored on Xbox 360 external hard drive might loss due to formatting it accidentally and other reasons.

However, no need to worry, since formatted Xbox 360 external hard drive data with the use of efficient data recovery application like USB Hard Drive Recovery. This application is specially designed to recover data from Xbox external hard drive with safe and secure. It recovers all types of files from Xbox external hard drive, includes audio, video, picture, document, etc. It supports recovery of data on both Windows and Mac systems in few simple steps.

How is it possible to recover data from Xbox external hard drive even after formatting it?

Because when you format a hard drive, data stored on it disappears from you but not from external hard drive memory. Instead, those formatted data resides in hard drive memory only and their access pointers are deleted from table entry by making room for storing other fresh files. Hence, you cannot see or access formatted data from external hard drive. But those data remains in hard drive unless and until other files overwrite them.  In such situation, if you make use of this efficient data recovery application scans your Xbox 360 external hard drive very thoroughly and restores all data from it at your fingertips.

List of other various reasons behind the loss of data from Xbox 360 External hard drive

  • Accidental deletion: While accessing files on Xbox 360 external hard drive you may delete files accidentally instead of deleting other files.
  • File system error: Overall data stored on external hard drive might loss due to file system erorr, since it plays a major role in controlling data storage, retrieving and other activities.
  • Virus attacks: Your Xbox 360 external hard drive may easily attack by virus threats after connecting it into an infected system.

What should I do after losing data from Xbox external hard drive for best recovery results?

After losing data from Xbox 360 external hard drive due to any reasons includes accidental deletion, formatting, file system error, interruption during file transfer process, MBR corruption, etc, you have to stop storing other files and installing any applications on it. Because, there might be chances of losing all files from hard drive permanently.

Advantages of application are

  • User friendly, safe, secure and quick tool to recover data
  • Recovers all types of data from formatted, inaccessible, damaged Xbox 360 external hard drive
  • Recovers deleted and lost data from various types of external hard drive
  • Supports SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, SSD hard drive types
  • Supports recovery of data on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and other
  • Recovers data from other storage devices including memory card, pen drive, iPod, etc
  • Allows you to view all recoverable files prior to performing actual data restoration
  • Displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat applications for 24*7 hours
  • Keeps your files undamaged
  • Allows you to save all recovered files to any disk storage

Tips to follow

  • Do not connect your Xbox 360 external hard drive to any virus-infected system
  • Make use of the best antivirus application to kill virus attacks
  • Have proper backup of data from hard drive before formatting it
  • Make use of UPS to avoid sudden system termination

Is it Possible to Recover Erased Files from Formatted Hard Drive Partitions?

Hello everyone! I recently formatted my hard drive as it was virus infected. The drives had become inaccessible because of the virus attacks. I had no other option but to format my hard drive. I lost all my important documents, photos, videos etc after formatting. Now I want to know if there’s any way I can recover the erased files from my formatted hard drive. I have my project documents and ppts on my formatted hard drive and I have to give a presentation next week. Somebody please help me as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry! All the files from your formatted hard drive partitions can be recovered. Lot of people come across such situations everyday.  And most of them successfully retrieve all the formatted data with ease using various recovery software’s. I myself have been a victim of data loss due to hard drive format. These days there are plenty of recovery software’s available on the internet.

Since you have already mentioned that you had to format your hard drive because of virus attack. There are lot other ways by which due to which a hard drive can be formatted. Let me just walk you through other data loss scenarios due to formatting.

  • File system corruption- File systems are used to control how data is stored and retrieved. File system can get corrupted because of bad sectors. Bad sectors may occur because of improper formatting or multiple times formatting the hard drive. You get error messages such as “Format drive” when you try to access it.
  • Accidental formatting- Accidental formatting is because of human errors. It may happen because of wrong clicks by the user.
  • Formatting while re-installing OS– When a user reinstalls a OS, data gets deleted. Or when a user wants to install a new OS, data may get deleted.

Users should take necessary precautions so that data does not get deleted permanently.  Users should make sure that after a drive is formatted, data should not be written onto it. Re-formatting already formatted hard drive will also cause permanent deletion. Data recovered should not be restored on the same formatted hard drive or partition.

There are lot of recovery softwares found on the internet. Users will can either download them for free or purchase them. When I lost my data, I used Recover My Hard Drive software to recover my lost data. It was really helpful and I could recover all kinds of files right from documents, images, videos etc. After this software did wonders for me, I suggested it lot of my friends and everyone gave positive feedback. I am really impressed by this software and its user friendly interface. You can get more information about how to recover erased files from formatted hard drive partitions by clicking on the following link:

How to recover data using recover my hard drive tool?

  • First download and install Recover My Hard Drive software from the internet.
  • Open the software and go to the home screen.
  • You will find two or three options. Select “Recover drives” as you have to recover formatted hard drive.
  • Now select “Formatted /Reformatted Recovery”
  • This software scans for the available drives on the hard disk. Select the drive from which data needs to be recovered.
  • After this, scanning starts. Once the scan is complete, the software displays all the lost files and folders once the scan is complete.
  • Now you can view the recovered data.

This software helps to restore data from erased HDD like Seagate, Western Digital, Transcend, Samsung etc. It can effectively recover data from any of the brands. You can recover data from HP, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, i-ball, Dell laptops. This software also supports Mac book. It’s a very simple software that any user can understand without much difficulty.

This software has three recovery options namely,

  • Fast recovery– which does a fast scan
  • Custom recovery– user can select the type of files he want to recover
  • Complete recovery- This helps you to recover all the data on the hard disk

And it also has a unique feature of saving the recovery session once the scanning is complete. This helps in recovering files faster when the user tries to recover files later. So select the type of recovery of your choice and recover the files easily. To understand how to recover data from reformatted Windows hard drive, watch the below tutorial:

The best way to Rescue Formatted Hard Drive

As this is the world of digitization, the way of keeping data has changed. Toady most individuals left the technique of storing files in a traditional manner. They all are storing their file on the hard drive or any other different means of electronic storage devices. This will help us to reduce the work of pen and paper. Hard disk is a storage device which is most often used by computer users to store their vital files as it is directly associated with the computer system. You can store documents, entertainment data such as songs, videos and animations on the hard disk of the computer. Because if you are using hard drive then it is easy to store files, retrieve files and search stored files on the computer system. But on the other hand deletion or loss of files may also possible. Format of hard drive is one of the common ways of losing data from system hard drive.

Sometimes during reinstallation of new operating system people use to format whole hard drive to clean up their system and to increase the performance of computer. But sometimes it may cause a severe loss of data which stored on the hard drive of that system. Because if you have not checked the content of the hard drive and format it then there is no system provided tools that helps you to rescue those data. After format of hard drive content of the data does not erase only the link between the data and the file pointer has erased. It makes disappearance of that data from the hard drive. And then you are not able to access that previous stored data on the hard disk of the system.

If you have accidentally quick format any of the hard drive partition then also you cannot get it back normally. This may happen while you are working with the system and during managing space of the hard drive partition you have selected quick format action. This leads to loss of your vital files if it has stored on that particular hard drive partition. In this situation you must need to use a recovery tool. Recovery Formatted application is skilled enough to get back formatted data. Defragmentation operation sometimes may causes loss of data, as after defragmentation, storage table structure may get corrupt or deleted. Then data become inaccessible and lastly data has been lost.

Sometimes simple precautions may help you to prevent your data from any data loss scenarios. If you have habit of creating backup and updating backup then you can retrieve lost data from your backup. Always check the content of hard disk drive before going to format the hard drive. Scan your computer with a healthy antivirus tool to avoid such situation where you have to format the hard disk.

Revival of data is possible lost due to any of the above written data loss criteria. Recover Formatted is an efficient tool to restore formatted hard drive data. You can rescue lost data on different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After formatting if you are facing inaccessibility of data then also it recover those kinds of data. You can restore data from formatted drive like external hard disks and USB drives too.

How To Retrieve Lost Files From Hard Drive easily?

Is there any file recovery software that could retrieve lost data media files of mine in an easy way without corrupting the other files in the PC?

How to recover all my files from pen drive which are lost while transferring from Pc to phone via a Bluetooth device?

I accidentally removed my USB flash drive while copying the data since I used the cut paste option I lost the data permanently. Anyone knows a good recovery tool or any inbuilt option to retrieve lost data files?

Losing media files while transferring in one device to a different set up is perhaps the most common usual thing that could occur at any time to everyone. Actual source of those losses is removing the external drives while it’s used through the operating system along with other system process, taking out the external device without resorting to the “safely remove hard disk and eject media “ option. In actual the results while transferring a knowledge or media file through serial bus is really a complicated process for that OS kernel process. Pulling away the external device through the connected pc will lead to a malfunction in device hard ware and software also. To prevent safely remove choice is provided which will carefully disconnect the continued technique of the operating system using the external device such as default scan process by antivirus programs.

How about media devices and external devices?

In the case of devices that are released by Apple incorporation the media loss is caused by human errors including resetting these devices in order that it can be remedied by other systems like windows or Linux or Mac and the like. During the time of resetting or synchronizing the product the entire data’s or media files are lost from your memory this means the index table pointing on the memory is cleared and hang to initial zero position. Therefore that it may be utilized for additional functionality like copying, and saving. Retrieving the key as well as other media files may be possible until and unless an individual reuse the drives or device storage memory .Such a case the index table is refilled by incorporating other values in order that to retrieve lost files from hard drive during copying turns into a tough task.

Which is the best way then?

Recover file software might be a good option to solve the problem in convenient manner. The superior quality recovery software is be determined by the how efficient it functions well with all the files with respect to independent of the main system process interruption and resource usage Which depends on the algorithm accustomed to scan, recover files in the external tool and other additional storage devices. And a lot in the entire tool will pay attention to the file system including HFSX, NTFS, HFS+, and FAT and so on. Any software which recovers files from these file systems is a better pick for the user that are the naive. For starters the tool will search for the available deleted or lost mp3 and media files then it will rewrite the index in order that the media file might be recovered.

Suggestions Provided:

There are several tools available for sale to decide on one of them can be a tricky task certainly if a wrong thing is done it will destroy the info permanently. The tool that will come under freeware might be fruitful only up to some level and after that you may be amid the water. For efficient throughput you may need a full version of a great tool to retrieve files of any formats. The wisest men and women always make a choice of the most useful recommended .Why don’t you have a test this tool…

The real reason for its high recommendation are highlighted below

  • Ø However miracle traffic bot not simply recovers media files which are in mp3 format but additionally a good recovery tool for audio, video and also other media files
  • Ø Truly it revives file with its highly efficient algorithm which scans the drive for deleted and lost files in an active manner
  • Ø This highly efficient software may be positioned in both leading os like Windows and Mac so the external device may be connected and recovered easily
  • Ø Well-Supported massive media file formats both in MAC and windows systems which are trusted

For more installation and download opt for the net help option

Note: Download full version and Set it up inside a separate drive or volume to acquire efficient results.

The best method to recover formatted hard drive

Your hard disk drive contains various data like programs and files that you need for your computer to function, or files you may need for work or school. In some computers, hard disk drives come with an additional partition that may serve as backup or tool for the next operating-system. Whenever your hard disk gets formatted, all of your files are going to be erased from the computer. Most of the time accidentally reformatted your hard disk drive without making a backup of most of your files beforehand, do not concern yourself. There is certainly still a way to unformat disk or partition.

Reformatting your disk doesn’t really erase the information on the disk; it simply deletes the information around the address table. Because of this the files you thought were deleted on your PC can nonetheless be recovered. However, you need to note that when you save new files with your disk, such files will replace the files on your own system prior to reformat. It is strongly suggested to recover formatted partition without delay.

To achieve this, you can get the help of a computer technician. Additionally, there are file recovery programs around to assist you retrieve files. Online, you can examine various programs which will help you retrieve lost data. Read through the different programs you will find. Using the information you’ve got collected, weigh which program can be far better.

Knowing which program to make use of, you can easily download it in your computer. Then, handle the installation. Using software packages are very easy, so you won’t seek assistance from a computer expert. Anyone that knows basic computer skills can retrieve formatted partition. When you have selected the partition you want to recover the files from, this software will scan every one of the files that can be retrieved and you can now save them back on a computer.

File recovery software package is an extremely friendly tool that literally brings you back the files which you really need. Formatting your drive may still be essential in restoring your computer’s health, however the next time you have to do it and tend to forget to make a backup to your files again, do not forget that there is an approach to unformat hard drive using best data recovery software.

This software is especially designed to recover formatted data with ease. You can use this software to recover data from any type of formatted storage device such as External hard drive (SATA / SCSI / IDE), Flash memory cards, Pen drive, iPod etc. You can also download demo version of this software in your computer and check its working before purchasing full version software. The recovered files can be viewed before restoration by using “Preview” option. The recovered data can be stored in any storage device like CD, DVD, hard drive etc.


Approach to recover files from hard drive

Usually when you buy computer you feel that inbuilt memory is sufficient for you, but after having made a good collection of different formats of files, you feel that you require more space. So in order to meet your requirement you need to buy external HDD. External HDD is generally used to keep files as back up or storing files which you need to keep apart from pc. So if by any reason it gets corrupt you need to install software like Formatted Hard Drive Recovery. Thus tool has great scanning algorithm which helps in recovery of any format of file.

There are number of ways by which one can lose his files from hdd such as accidental deletion of files, File System corruption of hard disk drive, improper removal of hard disk drive, virus attack, etc. Let’s check out some circumstances where one can lose files while performing any task on hard disk. Suppose you are making certain changes in the setting of hdd. While doing so you accidentally formatted your hard disk, so what to do now?? The other loss while handling camera can happen when you are erasing some of unwanted documents. While doing so you accidentally deleted some important files also. You need not panic! One can easily recover files from formatted hard disk by use of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery.

Sometimes, due to over usage of hard disk in various types of systems causes corruption in file system. So in order to use that hard disk you need to format it first. Since you recently went to trip with your family, and all the photos are on it, you don’t wanna do that. So now you are in dilemma what to do and what not??? You need not get nostalgic in such circumstances, since there is Formatted Hard Drive Recovery, which can recover all files from hdd even after it is formatted. This software can recover files from damaged hard disk without performing any unwanted task. Some of other glittering features of this software are:

  • It quickly scans the whole hard disk drive and gives back all the desired files within few minutes.
  • Recovers all files lost due to unsuccessful synchronization of hard disk.
  • It has got preview option to check out the files which are recovered.
  • Works for different file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • It recovers files from different HDD like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.
  • It has got simple and easy GUI.
  • Recovers files lost due to frequent use of same HDD on different electronic devices such as Laptop, computer, etc.

We need to address certain issues before restoring files are:

  • Avoid formatting or rebooting of your hard drive.
  • If you have lost/deleted doc files from external drive then stop utilizing it any further.
  • Do not store any new files on the disk drive from where data is to be recovered since this will overwrite the file location.

Therefore by going through the features of this tool we can easily state that it can be used to recover files which are located on HDD. You get it from internet for demo use.

Software to restore files from partition

What exactly is partition?

The hard disk drive is an essential part of your system, because all your private information and system files exist inside it, with no hard disk we simply cannot attempt a computer. It is the most often used secondary storage device. Within it we can store any types of data which may be either business related or personal.

Hard disk drive is logically divided into smaller drives known as partitions. Partitions are required to be able to separate system files with application files. Partitioning is quite useful if you are using multiple OS in your system, for e.g. you may reserve one partition for Windows 7 and the other for Windows XP. Using “Disk Management tool” it is possible to perform partitioning inside your hard drive. Applying this tool you could make, format, delete, expand, compress and merge partitions.

Can we really recover partition?

There are numerous scenarios from where users encounter data when they were young to day life. Among which accidental deletion of hard disk partition when attempting to create another ne partition is most common. Losing an essential data may bring a large loss to the business persons who’re totally been dependent on those data. Is there any way to recuperate data from lost or deleted partition? The solution to this inquiry is, definitely yes. With the upgraded partition recovery tool it is possible to recover partitions from your hard disk drive.

How are data lost from partition?

  • Accidental deletion of partition existing partition while wanting to produce a new partition.
  • The partitions can be lost due to severe virus’s infection, hard disk drive failure and etc.
  • Using third party tools for creating new partition may also result in partition deletion.
  • Accidental formatting of partition cause huge loss of data.

Way to recover lost/deleted partition?

Whenever partition is deleted, it cannot be identified by the operating system. By using an advanced recover file tool like Partition Recovery software you will be able to recoup your important data from your deleted partition. Partition Recovery software uses advanced algorithms to restore deleted/lost partition whether or not the partition table is severely corrupt or damaged.

Options those are present in partition recovery tool

It could recuperate data from all different brands hard drive including WD, Toshiba, Iomega, HP, Apple and many more. How to recover WD hard drive seems to be tough when Western Digital hard disk drive has corrupted partition table. However, it became rather easy using the emergence of partition recovery tool. It scans the whole hard disk and recovers lost data within minutes. Using this application it is possible to recuperate data from formatted partition. It also supports recovery of compressed files. It content an option called preview by you could have a look of the recovered files. Save recovery session choice is also there to avoid re-scanning of hard disk. Using this tool you can also recover data from flash drives, USB dives and external hard drive. It identifies as much as 300 file types and recovers files based on its signature. Download its free demo version here and verify the final results. If it’s satisfactory then you can certainly buy its full version to save recovered files.








The Best Method to Recover Lost Data From Hard Disk Drive

Many of you wish to partition your hard drive, hard drive partitioning is useful to store files in different partition. As per your requirement of hard drive size you can partition your hard drive. But during this partitioning if there are any errors occurs then there are chances of hard drive crash and you may lose your all stored data from this hard drive.  To recover this data from hard drive partitioning you have to use hard drive recovery software. This software helps you to recover all your lost data from your hard disk drive.

There are lot of scenarios are behind this due to which you may lose your data from your hard drive. Some of those scenarios are like,

  • Partitioning, re-partitioning error: During the partitioning and re-partitioning if any error occurs like power loss then you may lose all data from your hard drive.
  • Mater Boot Record corruption: If your system MBR get corrupt then your system get fails to boot and you may lose all data from your system.
  • Improper formatting: if you’re formatting process get fails or due to improper formatting of hard disk drive you may lose all stored data from your hard drive.
  • File system conversion: Many people prefer to convert their file system from old file system to new file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS during this conversion they may lose all stored data from your file system.
  •  Antivirus infection: If your system not contain antivirus then your file may get affect by virus and there are chances of loss of data.
  • Third party tool: Due to using untrusted third party tool your files may get delete and you may lose data from your system.

These are the some common reasons due to which you may lose data from your hard drive. But you can avoid all these problems by taking care of some precautions like, use antivirus in your system to avoid file infection from virus, always keep system backup incase if you lose your stored data then you can use this backup data. Always use good power supplier to avoid suddenly system shutdown and power loss. These are some precautions you can take care to avoid data loss but instead of this if you have data loss then you can use hard drive partition recovery software.

The software helps you to recover all lost data due to virus, due to partition error, due to OS failure etc. all type of lost data can be recover by this software. The software helps you to recover almost 300 types of file type. The software helps you to recover all lost audio, video, photos from your system. The software is very efficient and very easy to use. There is no need of technical knowledge to use this software. You can download free demo version of this software to recover your recovery results. Recovery of data from corrupted hard drive is very easy by using this hard drive recovery software.