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Best tool for file recovery

You may lose data because of corruption of files or data. It might be your SD card, memory card or any external storage devices. Data corruption means the file product is affected due to some error in the particular device. When you have lost songs from the iPod, then which one is the best tool for data recovery? Generally, hard drive crashes or damages on account of partitioning errors or formatting errors. Files injured meant that errors occurring at the time of reading, writing, saving and transformation. When data corruption happens then the file containing that data will become inaccessible or deny to open.
Data loss happens in Mac OS because of a number of cases like unintentional deletion and power failure. Recovery software is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating System. But which is the best file recovery program for Mac? The solution is to apply a Mac recovery tool. Using this, you will be able to retrieve around 300 file categories. It’s really utilized to recover files and folders from 32 bit and 64 bit computers.

This software facilitates you to recover data from HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, Fat32 volumes. Data may also be deleted due to such reasons like head crash, background radiations and wear and tear of cosmic rays. When data corrupts then often it detects and sometimes it doesn’t detect. To enjoy music, iPod is most necessary for music lovers. In case if your files have deleted from the iPod, then how to restore music from iPod on Mac? Don’t worry!! You have to choose such a recovery tool which can restore the media files fast and safe. The solution is to recover the lost files using Recover Mac software. There isn’t any problem and nothing to bother with it because you can recover your lost data using this tool. This may also recover compressed files, image files with preview of recovered file ahead of data restoration.

 Audio file loss scenarios

When you have de-activated your iPod directly by pressing the electricity button, then sometimes it doesn’t support and you may loss data or files can be inaccessible. This way, if you have formatted the iPod so often, then the data might lose. Technique iPod when power is low or no battery backup may cause media files lose. If you want to erase a few other audio files and by mistake you’ve deleted another one. As a result of malware attack in iTunes application, playlists may lose. Taking out of the memory before songs transferring might be a cause of loss of data.


  1. If you’ll use a backup of the files on your iPod then you can overcome this problem.
  2. Don’t remove the memory card while the file is transferred.
  3. Carefully delete the songs when you are erasing unwanted files.

How the tool works

1. Windows recovery tool has numerous good features so that anyone can use it so friendly.

2. Is actually a program can download the application and do the installation about the system.

3. Then launch the software and refer to the manual accordingly and Select the drive or volume of that data will recover then find the option to recover deleted or lost photos or audios/videos.

4. It’ll provide a page indicating that to save recovery session.

5. Then you can preview the recovered data and save it after purchasing the complete version.

6. As a result of accidental formatting from the storage device on Mac system data may losses.

7. By alternative party utility sometimes data may lose.


Is it possible to restore lost or deleted files from iPod on Mac OS?

If this is your query, then the answer is yes, it is possible to retrieve missing files from iPod efficiently. The very first thing you need to do is stop using the iPod after data loss or deletion. In fact, your lost or missing songs, photos, games and videos clips usually are not erased permanently from iPod, just the entries or pointer pointing to those files get deleted. Thus, there exists a possibility to restore deleted or lost file from these music players until the storage space is utilized by some other data.

iPods are the most famous digital music players, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. One can listen to large number of songs or tunes, view their most favorite movies and pictures by using these devices. Everybody wishes to have iPod due to its high storage capacity, small size, portability and lightwight. Nowadays you might notice the majority of people holding iPods while traveling or passing on their path. You can find varoius versions of iPods that can be found in market such as video capable iPod Nano, ultra compacted iPod Shuffle, Hard disk based iPod classic and touchscreen apple ipod touch.

Generally, people get disappointed when their large variety of music albums, images, games or videos gets deleted from iPod at a moment of your time, as a result of accidental deletion. Corruption or frozen iPod can also be one of the main reasons that create loss of significant amounts of files stored on it. Let’s look at a scenario, in which a user had purchased lots of games from online. While accessing games folder unintentionally his finger slip-ups on “Delete All” option, resulting in the loss of his most beloves games. He was stunned by what he did a little while back, and he attempted to hunt for the deleted games, but sits back empty handed. In these situations, people get upset, however you don’t need to get depressed, because here is the introduction to best and reliable iPod Recovery software for Mac Operating System. By making use of this software it is possible to achieve iPod recovery Mac efficiently.

There are many reasons, which cause loss or deletion of files from iPod:

  •  Unintentionally deletion: While deleting a few of unnecessary images or music files, you could opt some of your desired music files, and delete them.
  • Formatting the iPod: Unintentionally pressing “Format” option has a tendency to lose all your saved data from iPod. This turns into a heart breaking scenario for every iPod user.
  • Restore factory settings of iPod: In case your iPod not responding normally, if you by mistake restore iPod to its factory setting. Such scenarios may leads to loss or deletion of all iPod media files. So, you might lose access to those files.
  • Corruption because of virus attack: Dangerous viruses for example malware, spyware or Trojan infect your iPod mp3 player, whenever you hook it up  to malware infected Laptop or computer. To rescue music files from iPod used iPod Recovery utility,  it is possible to retrieve songs from severely corrupted iPod.
  • Mishandling iPod device mp3 player: In case, if you remove or unplug iPod  from your system USB port while transferring songs or video clips, then iPod gets corrupt. Hence, you may loss access to the files stored in it.
  •  Other reasons: Synchronizing error, iTunes library failure, etc also because corruption to iPod.

Best features of iPod Recovery software:

  •  It has a friendly graphical interface, thus it is simple to retrieve all missing or accidental deleted files effectively without having any difficulties.
  • You can also restore media files(audio and video files) and image files from pen drives, flash memory cards, hard disk drives, etc
  • This tool can rescue deleted or lost files from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFSX, and HFS+ partitions.
  • Using this utility  you are able to restore deleted or lost data from different types of hard disk drive such as IDE, SATA, PATA, SCSI, SAS, etc.
  • By utilizing this application it is possible to rescue various formats of music files and video files for example MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • It restores all missing file on the basis of file name, files format, date of creation and file size.
  • IPod Recovery software can recover video files from frozen iPod classic on OS X Lion as well as from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Mini.
  • Supports different versions of Mac OS like Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc.

Utilize free demo version of this efficient tool to judge recovery outcomes. Within couple of minutes, it’s advanced built-in algorithms scans the entire memory space and displays preview of deleted or missing files from iPod. Demo edition have limited functionality, so it is not able to save previewed files. You must buy licensed edition, in order to save all files.