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How to fix Outlook PST and restore Outlook contacts

MS Outlook is a most favored and advanced e-mail client in this world of business, every e-mail users prefer Outlook. Various popular versions of Outlook are available in the market like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Among these versions, Outlook 2010 is the most recent one. Sometimes, Outlook users end up with losing important contacts emails, etc that are held in their Outlook profile. When you are stuck in these situations you must be getting worried and start thinking how to fix Outlook PST.

You don’t need to be bothered!!! Outlook PST repair software is available for you. This software facilitates you to recover deleted items from Outlook and restore Outlook contacts within few simple clicks. Since Outlook preferred for professional and personal use, losing important emails leads you right into a critical problem. Many reasons exist in which the emails get deleted from the Outlook PST file.

The common reason could be the accidental deletion of emails by utilizing “Shift + Delete” key combination. Whenever users delete emails employing this key combination deleted email bypass from the Recycle Bin so that you cannot restore it back. At such situation, if you need to recover deleted emails from Outlook then you definitely take advantage of Outlook recovery application which solves out your problem that how to retrieve emails on Windows 7/XP/Vista/2003 and 2008 with utmost ease.

There are several circumstances ends in deletion of Outlook emails, among which PST file corruption is easily the most critical one. Corruption of Outlook PST file as a result of the incomplete compacting operation of the PST file brings severe data loss. Users can compress the file to reduce the size of the PST file then it usually takes less space on the hard drive. But improper or over compression generates a damaged PST file to cause a loss of Outlook emails. In cases like this of data loss and also to recover your lost/deleted emails use Outlook recovery tool.

In addition to accidental deletion and incomplete compacting operation, virus or malware attack from the internet infects the hard drive. To avoid virus attack we use anti-virus programs. If your folder of Outlook gets infected, then the anti-virus program starts detaching the infected emails from the Outlook folders. In this condition use email recovery application and retrieve your lost emails in few simple clicks. To work with it first download its free trial version from the company website. It scans your entire drive and shows all of your deleted emails. Following that it is possible to select your Outlook item that you just desire to recover. Preview option assists you to make certain if you are recovering the right file or otherwise not, it’ll give you a preview of your recovered emails. In case if you are pleased with the results of a trial version, then download its licensed version to save recovered emails, contacts, etc.


Software to Fix Outlook OST File

The Outlook application consists of two file format OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Device). OST is a offline data file which is used by Microsoft exchange server which enables the user to work with their messages even when mail access is not available. Sometimes due to certain reasons OST files get corrupted or damaged and become inaccessible. In such condition, users get terrified and searching for reliable tool to repair OST files on Windows based system.

However, you can make use of Fix OST tool to repair OST file with great ease. By using this tool, it is easy to repair OST file with few simple steps. This tool is capable enough to repair emails, calendars, organizers, journals, etc. There are numbers of advantages of this fixer tool which makes it better from other tool. Apart from OST file, it also repairs PST files. Fix OST software is available on website so that user can easily purchase and repair corrupted or damaged OST file.

Reasons for corruption of OST files

Up gradation of Outlook Application: If you have upgraded the earlier version of Outlook application then there is lot more chances that older OST file get damaged and user is unable to access such files.

Oversize Issue: Sometimes the size of OST file exceeds the size limit of particular Outlook version. In such cases, there are chances of corruption of OST file.

Usage over Network: The OST file gets corrupted due to the usage over network. As a result of which you are unable to access OST file.

Error while Compacting: It is one of the reasons due to which the OST file get corrupted or damaged. While compacting OST file, if certain error occurs then there might be possibility that OST file get corrupted.

You can make use of this tool to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This tool is safe and most efficient to fix OST file by following proper procedure.

Features of Fix OST Tool

  • You can easily download, install and run this application on all the major versions of Windows based system.
  • You are able to repair OST file using this tool keeping the original OST file untouched. The software prepares a duplicate copy of original file and then repair that file so that original file is unchanged.
  • This utility can also repairs password protected OST file within few moments of time. In order to access that repaired file, you must know the password. This utility is unable to unlock the OST file.
  • Demo version enables you to check the performance of OST fixer tool. If you are satisfied with the performance then you can purchase the tool online and repair OST file.
  • It also provides support to the customers any time. If you feel any difficulty in accessing the application then you can contact the support team through emails or telephone calls.

Recover Outlook PST Files

What does Microsoft Outlook actually use for? Well many of the user preferably uses the Microsoft Outlook to store their personal data like emails, journals, contacts, Tasks etc.  Using the Outlook account user generally store all the important or the essential kind of data. So if in any situation losing the files from the Outlook account is nothing but a great loss for the user. This is the sort of casualties, which is just unbearable to the user. At this situation, it is required to find out the kind of extraordinary PST file recovery tool for the lost PST files. And you must be glad to know that your search for that required tool comes to end here. The Recover Outlook PST software will perform the unique recovery of your lost PST files with lots of care.

Using the outlook PST files its truly simple to access the important data while you are not connected to the internet. These PST files usually store the emails content of the user and all other saved details. It also contains the important official emails or any required contacts etc. At the time when you positively try to access these data, if somehow the data is not accessible to the user then the stored mail get deleted for sure. In regards to recover deleted items from Outlook, the best solution available is the PST file recovery software. But how the data stored on the drive get removed from the hard drive may get deleted due to the many possible scenarios which is not possible to avoid but you can actually try to solve it out the situations of the data loss on the hard drive.

The mostly effective reasons behind the data loss situations are mentioned here in brief. The most effective reason behind the data loss situation is the effect of the virus on the PST files. When you attempt to download any files or emails on the internet you don’t bother about the situation that the files can’t get effected due to the virus attack or virus get downloaded with the files from the internet. After this if you apply any kind of antivirus program on your Outlook PST files then during the affected file scanning procedure some of the file may get disappear from the Outlook account and it takes away large amount of data like emails, contact, journals from the account. Here the PST files are generally stored on the system hard drive. If the computer hard drive suffers the situation of formatting the hard disk or the hard disk partition then the stored PST files saved on the drive will also get removed from the drive and you won’t be able to access your data any further. In this regards the required solution is the Recover Outlook PST software.

This special kind of software comes with the feature to scan the hard drive enormously in search of the lost PST files over your system hard drive. It positively restores all the Outlook attributes from the hard drives. The software has been designed with simple user interface so the use of the recovery software is so simple and the recovery will be so secure. You can simply download the software and try to regain the lost files. The above-mentioned software you will get it here.

How to Fix ScanPST.exe Errors?

MS Office provides a MS Outlook with a tool called as a SCANPST which helps to repair damaged / corrupted / broken PST (Personal Storage Table) files. Whenever you find some irregular activities, Scanpst.exe tool automatically prompts with error message and ask to fix scanpst.exe error. Sometimes, when you encounter some PST errors then to fix Outlook PST errors, you may take help of scanpst.exe for repairing PST file. But, scanpst.exe tool unable to repair and recover in case of sever corruption of PST file. So here it is clear that there are certain limitations to use ScanPST.exe tool.

Below there are some ScanPST.exe errors and reasons mentioned below,

1] Error: 0x80040119: This is an unknown error which is occurring when you try to send/ receive/read or    delete Outlook emails.

2] Error: 0x80040116: This is an error message which is occurring when you start Outlook or when you try to access your PST file.

3 Error: 0x80070005:  This is a serious kind of error that usually occurs while Outlook starts or while performing operations in it.

4] Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check): This error occurs when you try to open downloaded emails or other attributes of Outlook. And it looks like, “File path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic Redundancy Check”

When such kind of errors occurs then it is clear that your PST file gets corrupt or damage. In such situations, Scanpst.exe tool also unable to fix such kind of errors. So to fix Outlook PST errors, you need to use third party tool like, Outlook repair software. But before knowing about this software lets have a look on, why such kind of errors occurs,

  • Corruption of PST files due to oversize.
  • Virus or malware affected PST file.
  • Interruption during the compression of PST file.
  • Failure of upgradation of PST file.
  • Use of PST file via LAN\WAN network.
  • Corruption of header of PST file.
  • Unexpected system turns off while accessing PST file.

Hence these are the very common scenarios explained above due to which your PST file gets corrupt and you encounter error messages. And which are not solved by ScanPST.exe tool. So it is suggested that you can use the best Outlook repair software. This software helps you to repair damaged PST file and restore it without any modifications.

Key features of Outlook repair software:

  • This software helps to recover emails, posts, appointments, calendar entries, folders, meeting details, contact list, tasks, journals, and notes in PST file.
  • Also helps to recover email properties like, body, to, from, cc, bcc, date, message body etc
  • This software helps to repair corrupted password protected Outlook profile and restore data from it without any modification.
  • This software recovers very efficiently the lost data from PST file which is unable to recover by ScanPST.exe tool.
  • This software supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010.
  • The software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows like, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

MS Outlook 2007 PST recovery software

Outlook 2007 is one of the trendy versions among all the other versions of Outlook. It is because wide range of users using it across the globe. In comparison with the other email client, Outlook 2007 has some advanced and unique features like calendar snapshots, programmability feature etc. Moreover, you can handle your contacts, meetings & tasks in an organized manner. MS Outlook comes with more graphics & colors in order to arrange the messages. It has the new attachment previewer which will help you to preview the attachments in one click by MS Outlook reading pane. Usually, all of the files are stored in .pst file format. PST file is term as Personal Storage Table.

Many users experience the problem of data loss while operating on MS Outlook 2007. If you’re one of these then you should recover Outlook 2007 to get back all the deleted or lost Outlook information. Some data loss situations in MS Outlook 2007 are mentioned below so that you can find out under which scenario your Outlook data is lost or deleted.

Because of Outlook upgradation in an improper way: The improper way of data backup while upgrading the Outlook from one version to other. Because the normal method of data backup isn’t enough in case of Microsoft Outlook. All the templates, signatures, settings along with other important things should be backed up properly to avoid MS Outlook data loss. If any of these important Outlook aspects is missing then Outlook 2007 won’t work properly leading to loss of Outlook data.

Due to virus infection: Virus attack is one of the reasons for inaccessibly of data on the system. In case of Outlook data inaccessibility, viruses are accountable too. Virus infection can cause logical damage to any Outlook data. To eliminate viruses, we employ anti-virus program. But during anti-virus checking process, the specific application deletes the Outlook data in which it finds logical damage that can’t be repaired. As a result that particular Outlook data is lost beyond our access.

Other reasons: Apart from above two reasons, some other causes like improper shutdown, PST file corruption, abrupt power failure and improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application leads to loss of Outlook data. The data from MS Outlook 2007 may also be deleted due to human mistakes.

With the aid of Outlook recovery software, you are able to recover MS Outlook 2003 mails. It can restore the items which got deleted from Outlook folder by using this tool. The corrupted PST files can be fixed by using this software. Microsoft Outlook data deleted during the upgradation process can also be restored by this software. It can restore all the email messages with the PST file properties. You can easily download this software for the recovery results.