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Way to recover portable hard disk drive’s data.

Is data recovery possible from hard disk if yes then how to recover data from portable hard disk?

Yes, data recovery is possible not only from hard disk / external hard disk but from different storage device. You can restore all types of files / folders from different storage devices using recovery software. Mac OS is used with Mac machines designed by Apple Inc. Though, Mac is built only for Macintosh machines, it is built so keeping security in mind. If you are using the recovery software then you can either perform data recovery from Mac hard drive or from external hard drive on Mac.


Data recovery can be performed on hard disk, external hard disk, USB, Flash memory cards, iPods using recovery software. But, the very first thing that you need to know before recovery is, how the data is lost or deleted from the hard disk. The scenarios vary from OS to OS, so here are the topmost reason that exists behind Mac data loss.


  • Disk utility failure: – This tool is equipped with Macintosh OS X, which helps to perform disk related operations. Verifying the disk integrity, formatting or partitioning the hard drive, mounting the hard drive, creation of the disk images, etc. are the tasks that are performed by the tool. Though, you have such facility but still sometimes it shows unexpected behavior and fails to accomplish the task. Meanwhile, failure you may be greeted with some error messages. The very common to see is “File System formatting failed” when you attempt to remove, change or to format Mac machines. This may occur due to incompatibility of disk utility with the scheme of disk partitions
  • Internal and external hard disk failure: The cause of the failure for both external and internal hard drive on Macintosh could be different but the result is same and that is data in it gets affected and lead to loss
    • Hard disk crashes when connected to Mac Machine or internal hard drive crashes due to some other device failures in the system
    • The main reason behind the hard disk crash or system crash could be the virus attack. Sometimes if virus incursion is caused in the system then the structure (file system) may get deleted or corrupted and due to this the device may get crashed
    • Loss due to misconception or errors: The frequent causes of data loss are errors which are caused by humans. The very best examples of human errors are unintentional or accidental formatting of hard disk, accidental deletion, emptying the Trash, etc.
    • Corruption in Catalog file: Catalog file in Mac OS is used for accessing of data from particular volumes in Mac OS. Information of each Mac volume is stored in the node of catalog file. If in certain case that particular node gets corrupted in catalog file then the entire volumes becomes inaccessible

Hence, if the Mac drive gets formatted unintentionally, then what one can do to get the data back from the hard disk drive? There is only one procedure that will bring your data back and that is Mac formatted hard drive recovery. You can use the recovery software and can recover all the data from the hard disk within few minutes (depend on the quantity of data).