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Best Tool for Repairing RAR Files in Windows

If you ever want to repair your WinRAR archive file, there are many options for you. But you need to choose the best one. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best WinRAR repair tool. The tool we use here is Remo Repair RAR which fixes RAR files like nothing else. In the following video, you can see the repair process of RAR files in less time compared to other tools.

As the WinRAR files gets corrupted due to many scenarios, we need to fix that before losing any data from it. Whatever the scenarios but this tool repairs WinRAR files in best way. That’s why you are going to use it on your own soon after reading this article or watching this below video.

How to Repair RAR files using Remo Repair RAR – Best WinRAR Repair Tool

The first step is to go to the above video description page in YouTube and follow the link provided there to download the software. Install and run it on your computer system. The software’s repair wizard appears on the screen and ask you to select a RAR file for repair. Browse and load your corrupt or damaged RAR file and click on “Repair” button to proceed to the next step. The next screen shows you the contents of the RAR file, simply proceed to the next step. This screen will be the repair process, just wait for it to finish as this takes some time depending upon the size of your RAR file. Finally, you will have an option to save it on your disk. The save option will be active after the purchase of full version key of the tool.

Key Features of Remo Repair RAR Tool

  • The tool repairs RAR file protected with passwords, and after the completion of repair you need to enter the password for viewing the contents.
  • It has strong and powerful repair mechanism for fixing RAR files thus you will definitely get a repaired file as the output.
  • The repair process is completed automated and easy to use that only few clicks are required for the whole repair process.
  • The tool can effectively repair files having huge sizes. So you will be able to repair large sized RAR files without any hesitation.
  • Fixes all RAR files created using any version of WinRAR software. It can able to fix RAR files throwing CRC errors.

Cases of RAR file corruption and Damage

  • Virus, malware and other dreadful infections in computers.
  • Downloading RAR files from unreliable links or sites.
  • Power shutdown while archiving or extracting a RAR file.
  • File transfer error between networks or from one drive to another.
  • Abrupt shut down of WinRAR software while any archive is in progress.
  • Using untrusted software for extracting RAR files.

The reasons of corruption or damage may be anything, but this best WinRAR repair tool will definitely be going to help you fix your RAR files. Check out the video above and try the tool yourself.

Is it Possible to Fix Broken WinZip File and Recover its Data?

The digital world is very aware about the need of ZIP file format, it plays a major role among internet users. ZIP file is known for its reduced size (due to its compression mechanism), it allows the user to send large data over the internet, which otherwise would have been a cumbersome task. Most people will be aware about “how to recover lost files” but it’s not the same with fixing the broken WinZip file.

Is it possible to fix broken WinZip file? You will think of it only after facing such situation, which is of course not common for everyone. For the same reason not many people will come to know about it. Let me tell you, don’t be in any doubt it is possible to fix broken ZIP file and recover its data. What you need to do is get a reliable zip file repair tool. Avoid the ambiguity of reliable, I will suggest you with one such tool, Corrupt File Repair utility which is recommended and reviewed by various tech analyst and users. Also get some idea about what is causing the ZIP file to get corrupted.

Causes of ZIP file damage:

  • Most common among those is CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) this can damage ZIP file very badly, which prevents you from the extraction of files
  • Incomplete download of file is common with internet users, errors are usual while trying to access such ZIP files
  • If you are using any kind of unknown compression mechanism, this can damage/broke your Zip files. Take an example: You are trying to recover a ZIP file which is lost by making use of any unreliable recovery software, there is a high possibility of incomplete recovery thereby file get corrupted.
  • ZIP file will become inaccessible due to virus infiltration like any other normal file format. Some antivirus might detect your ZIP file format as malicious data.
  • Errors encountered while compressing the ZIP file will also damage the ZIP file, like in case of compressing large data, any interruption at this time ( ex: sudden restart or shutdown) will lead to file corruption
  • Trying to change the extension of ZIP file to other format will eventually damage your ZIP file itself.
  • Download interruption due to slow internet speed can make ZIP file corrupted or damaged. This usually happens with most internet users.

Corrupt File Repair- Simple way to fix broken WinZip file and to recover its data:

Corrupt File Repair is developed specifically to resolve or fix issues with ZIP files. It repairs corrupt or damaged Zip files and safely recovers all your data. This utility is highly rated among users due to its success rate in repairing the damaged/broken files. This ZIP repair utility ensure all the problems faced by the users of ZIP file are resolved. To know more about it you can also go to

Main features of Corrupt File Repair:

  • Highly interactive interface which is very efficient, user friendly.
  • Corrupt File Repair is a read-only application, it doesn’t make any modifications in your original file that will be kept intact. Instead a healthy ZIP file is generated by this ZIP repair utility which also ensures repair is done perfectly.
  • Provides option to select corrupted files particularly from the list shown in the interface.
  • Test the efficiency of the utility with the help of trial version which is available for free download, it works with all other features except the save option.
  • Prior to the save option you can preview the recovered ZIP file to ensure its accessibility, which is always an advantage.
  • In case of any difficulty with this utility during the usage or installation make use of its professional technical support, they ensure 24×7 support to its users
  • It works perfectly with different Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008.

Best Software To Repair RAR Files After CRC Error

RAR is popularly known for saving space in storage device and compiling all the files in a single enclosure. In the current world, there are several compression techniques used and implemented. RAR is an advanced compression technique over ZIP that is created by a Russian programmer named Eugene Roshal. The name RAR has come from Roshal Archive. RAR is a type of storage utility that organizes and manages archive files. It supports only file names with the extension ‘.rar’. It makes use of intuitive compression algorithms and it is highly sophisticated archive management tool. RAR file format is helpful for sending multiple files from one user to another over the network by compressing and compiling all the files into a single one. RAR file format consists of different versions such as RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2 and RAR 3. RAR files, like other files can get corrupted that results in severe data loss or damage of file structure. In order to repair RAR corrupt file you need to choose appropriate RAR repairing software.

RAR files gets damaged or corrupted due to several reasons. One such reason that is responsible for damaging RAR file is the CRC error. CRC error usually occurs when there is a problem in unzipping RAR files. Whenever a disc fails to perform Cyclic Redundancy Check then a CRC error occurs The logic behind the CRC error is that each and every byte is checked with the help of rotating checksum, when the rotating checksum mismatches due to some reason than a CRC error message pops up and it restricts the process of unzipping RAR files. It also analyzes in order to make sure that files are transferred safely on the receiving side. If in case the RAR file gets corrupt due to any reason then the process of checking is halted and the file has to be re-downloaded. To overcome the loss you need to take help of software that can repair RAR after CRC error.

Therefore, to prevent RAR files from severe damages it is essential to protect your RAR files by taking precautions so that it can be processed when required. You have to never alter the file extensions. You should check the network connections and then download files. You should avoid using unreliable repairing softwares. After taking precautionary measures if still your RAR files gets corrupted then you need to utilize good repairing RAR utility. Repair RAR software is one of the most recommendable utility to repair corrupted RAR files with ease. It has an excellent ability to repair all the versions of RAR files. It can even repair severely damaged password protected archive files. RAR files with file size more than 4GB can also be repaired with the help of this software.

You can even download the free demo version and check its repairing capability. With help of this software, you can even preview the repaired RAR files. In order to save the previewed result you need to purchase the software.