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Found Your Video File Damaged? Here’s a Way to Easily Repair the Damaged Video File

“Suppose, assume that you tried to play favorite video files by using any of the media players on your system. Sometimes there is possibility that your media player might not be able to play your important video file saved on computer. At that time, you may not know what the problem with video file; afterwards you came to know that the video file got damaged. Then, you search for the solution on the internet how to repair video file that has been corrupted?”

Video files are an excellent technology that is mainly used for capturing or recording, storing of audios and images both together that represents scene in motion. There are various electronic devices that can record video files such as camcorder, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. Each device captures and support videos of different file format like AVI, MP4 and MOV, etc. But sometimes video files may get damaged that make video files unplayable. There are many factors where a video file gets corrupt and some of the most common situation which includes fault media player, intrusion of malicious program, and many more.

What are the main reasons behind for damaging video files?

  • By the usage of a third party application which is not appropriate for conversion of video file format can cause damage to the file format which results in the corruption during the conversion process.
  • The video file may get damaged due to any kind of interruption during transfer process that occurs in various situations like power failures or abruptly system shut downs. When any error occurs in video file it may damage the bit pattern or structure of the file.
  • When user tried to open video file in the media player which is not compatible with video file format might damaged and turns to inaccessible state.
  • There is a much chance that the video files saved on the hard drive or another storage device may be more immune to corruption due to formation of bad sectors, hardware faults, failures due to software conflicts, virus infection, etc.

There is no need to get panic, why because if those videos are valuable for you. Then, make of use Repair Video Software to fix the issue with video files and make them playable. It is considered as one of the best utility which is developed with a robust algorithm; as it enable users with advanced features with which they can fix corrupt videos with ease. This software also repairs video files that are stored on all types of storage devices like hard drives; memory cards, pen drives, etc

Additional features of this application:

  • This tool works on read only mode which ensures that no damage is done to the original video file.
  • From the corrupted video file, it extracts the audio and video streams separately and reproduce a fresh and new playable video file which is uninterrupted which resembles the original video.
  • Using this program, user can repair video file efficiently on both Windows and Mac PC and all the versions of operating system.
  • With the help of tool user can preview the repaired video files before saving the videos.
  • The software repairs video file corruption that is recorded using many popular brands of digital cameras like Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Canon, etc which can be any file format.

Tool to Repair Damaged Divx File

DivX is a video compression technology developed by DivX, Inc. the format enables users to compress or decompress video in fast and convenient way while maintaining the quality of the video. It works on latest MPEG-4 codec. A wide variety of DVD supports DivX media file format (DMF). The DivX format video can be played using Windows media player or any other media player.

When you play a video file, the media player analyzes the codec and interpret it in terms of visual i.e. video. If some information in the codec itself goes missing or the codec structure altered, the media player won`t be able to play the file. Techie guys call it broken codec or a corrupted video file.
There are many reasons for DivX Media file corruption. Usually recording video with no sufficient free space results in an uncompleted or broken video file that can`t be played. Occasionally there could be other known or unknown reasons; some of them are listed below:

 The camcorder or device from which you shoot video can be malfunctioned or faulty.

 While transferring DivX files from one device to another, any interruption like system crash, power surge often damages the video file.

 Any video codec contains header files, any modification or missing of that file leads unplayable videos file format.

 CRC errors on storage device changes data into RAW which can`t be identified by Media Player.

 A virus infection or malfunctioned storage device will result in corrupt video files.

 While converting the file format of video, improper techniques alters the video file format which can`t be executable.

When a video file goes corrupt video and audio tracks lose their sync, which give rise to problems like mute video, still video, audio without visual, split images or pixilated images all of which adds unpleasant experience for viewers. These issues are related to codec, damaged frames or bad DivX index which can be fixed with proper DivX repair tool.

Repair DivX software has been designed to find origin of the damage, decode it and get repaired DivX file in a very short time. The popular DivX repair tool uses its strong formula to fix and combine audio- video sync error for uninterrupted flow of videos. The strength of Repair DivX software lies in its simple and user friendly GUI which enables users easy-to-use functions and quick navigation through next sections. Most astonishing feature of this software is its Preview section which provides users a sneak peak of revivable video files before actually reviving it. The trial version itself repairs the file. You can play the media file with trial version but cannot save it. The repair is done on read only basis to make sure that the original file remains flawless. It supports devices like memory cards, hard drives and USBs. The Repair DivX software is available for both Windows and Mac users, and can be purchased online.

Repair Video File Damaged on GoPro Camera

GoPro is one of the familiar cameras used nowadays to capture photos and record videos. Some of the unique features like built-in Wi-Fi, high resolution video recording, Bluetooth, video looping etc. made it well known among the camera lovers. Nowadays GoPro cameras not only used for capturing photos and recording videos in memorable occasion but also media peoples are using it for large film suiting etc.

Even though it have the advanced features some of the factors like improper handling, low battery recording etc. causes damage to the videos present in it. Sometimes you may be recording video through GoPro camera on your special occasions such as mountain trekking, wildlife visit, friend’s marriage etc. your camera is indicating low battery again and again but without charging it you are suiting, at last it got off because of full battery drain. In such times, your video files may get damaged if this happens the total effort given by you to shoot it completely waste.

The above stated is one of the common scenarios faced by GoPro users because of their indolence in charging battery. But damage of important video files can make you worried. But you don’t want to get worried or irritated because you can repair damaged GoPro video file using Fix Damaged Software. This utility can fix damaged GoPro videos without making any modifications to the original file. Let us discuss some of the scenarios that cause damage to the GoPro video files before discussing excellent features of the repair tool.

Common reasons for Damage of GoPro videos:

  • Recording video with camera or camcorder with defective software may lead to corruption or damage to video files.
  • Playing the video files through unauthorized third party application can also cause damage to your video files.
  • Capturing audio or video from the GoPro camera when it is in low battery can damage your video files.
  • While transferring video files from GoPro camera to the system, factors like improper ejection, power surge etc. can cause damage to the video files.
  • And also during transfer of video files from one storage device to another if memory is full; it may lead to corruption or damage of files.
  • Any sort of interference during downloading of video files from the internet may cause damage to the files.
  • Video files may get damaged due to presence of virus or malware on the storage devices.

Features of Fix Damaged Software:

  • This tool is designed by highly experienced professional experts in order to repair damaged GoPro video file without any changes in the original file.
  • This tool is highly secured, efficient, portable and advanced.
  • It provides simple user interface so any new user with a minimum technical knowledge can easily interact and understand repair process.
  • By using this tool you can repair damaged GoPro video file on any Windows Operating system like Windows7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. and Mac OS such as Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite etc.
  • This tool can repair video files recorded from various brands of cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony etc.
  • This tool can repair damaged GoPro video file in various file formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP etc. and it displays recovered files sorted according to the name, size, creation date, extension etc.