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How to Change Mouse Settings?

If you want to make the mouse easier to use then you have to change the settings of your mouse.

Below are various steps through which you can change the settings of the mouse:

  • (For Touch screen Laptops ) Swipe from the right edge of the screen and then tap search or if you are using a mouse then point it to right corner of the screen, move the pointer down and click on search.
  • In the search box, you have to enter “change how your mouse works” and then click on settings.
  • After clicking on button tab and select the choices that you simply wish to use

Change the size and color of mouse pointers:

  • You will be able to use these choices to create the mouse pointer larger or change the color to make it easier to see.

Turn on mouse keys:

  • If using a mouse is troublesome, you will be able to activate Mouse keys; therefore you do not need to use a mouse. Instead, you will able able to use the numeric keyword or arrow key on your keyboard to move the pointer.

Activate a window by pointing to it with the pointer:

  • This selectionmakes it easier to pick out and activate a window by inform at it with the mouse instead of by clicking it.

Prevent windows from being automatically organized once moved to the corner of the screen:

  • With this selection, you will able to stop windows from being automatically resized or docked.


  • Under see, choose mouse settings to turn Click lock on or off, enter configuration button, select pointer schemes, modify pointer speed and acceleration, enter pointer visibility choices like pointer trails and many more.
  • If you like to use computer while not using a mouse, attempt it with Windows Speech Recognition. It is tool that helps you to use voice commands to work with Windows.

How To Repair Outlook 2010 in Prominent Way

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a version is the lasted updated version of Outlook. It is mainly developed to support 32 bit and 64 bit systems and overcome the disadvantages of previous versions. This version also is developed with an increase stability and performance than the previous versions. You can find more extra and advanced features developed in this version according to the latest technology. Today, you can find a large number of users upgrading their versions  to this version.

Generally, in Outlook the data is residing on PST file. The data is generally a binary format, which is not human readable. Sometimes you can encounter different scenarios that lead to the corruption of such crucial files. This may cause a serious impact on the business, since you may lose a large amount of data from Outlook.  Hence its necessary to fix the damage fast and regain the data.

Follow these guidelines to prevent Outlook 2010 PST file corruption:

  • Practice to take a regular backup of your PST file
  • Use an efficient UPS system to avoid the abnormal termination of the system
  • Install and use an updated software for scanning your files

What if you still encounter a PST file corruption?

Don’t worry!!! Repair Outlook 2010 PST is here for your help. Using this software can solve all your problems since it is equipped with highly advanced algorithms to fix all the issues related to the PST file damage. Now let us have a brief discussion about the reasons for PST file damage

Some scenarios that cause PST file damage:

  • PST files used over the network can be affected by virus which causes the damage on such files
  • Terminating Outlook abnormally either due to power surge or user mistakes, also lead to corruption of PST file
  • Improper updating of Outlook old versions to newer ones can corrupt your PST files and make it inaccessible
  • Sometimes corruptions in the file system where the PST file resides can also lead to damaged PST file

If you encounter all these scenarios without any worries go for Repair Outlook 2010 PST and fix the problem efficiently. Generally, the Outlook operations fail when there is a PST file  corruption. It makes the data from Outlook inaccessible to user, hence puts one in trouble.

Repair Outlook 2010 PST is efficient software  which is fast and easy to use to fix PST file corruption. It can fix outlook PST file after operation failed and retrieves Outlook attributes like Inbox, Appointments, Task, Sent Items etc. With this tool one will be able to fix password protected and even encrypted PST files. Apart from 2010 Outlook version, it supports all other major versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2000.

You can easily download and execute this software on all latest Windows operating system and get your PST file fixed in an accurate manner. This software performs a read on your damaged PST file and creates a new PST file fixing all the issues. The fixed PST file can be saved on any position.You can go for the demo version in the provided links and get a file fixed. However, in order to save the fixed file, you have to go for the paid version








PST files mail recovery after PST loss

Outlook that is the most favorite client side tool that is for used for mailing. Very less number of business/organization are left that are running without emails. All most every businessperson feels to run their business well and for the reason wants to be contact of the person whom they deal with. Therefore, the best medium they found is email communication that is used to interact with each other.

Are you facing the error while opening Outlook or your Outlook is not responding properly? What could be the reason behind this Outlook corruption? The reason behind the Outlook not responding properly is the loss of PST files, or deletion of PST file etc. All these file corruption, deletion are mostly caused due to human error. Numbers of ways are there that leads to corruption/deletion.

Scanpst.exe is the default tool that comes with Outlook. This is made to repair some of the PST problem that it can repair PST sometimes. Sometimes this Scanpst tool fails to repair the PST file error like header corruption, deleted PST, oversized PST file can be repaired using this recovery tools.

In case: You have had lost your PST file that means all your data will be deleted from you Outlook. Dta like inbox, sent items, drafts etc all will be lost. So to get rid of these problems you have to do email recovery from PST file. For the deed, you need to use the recovery software that can recover your PST file and can do recovery of emails.

In certain cases these corruption/deletion is very common. To overcome from this you use Scanpst tool but all the time it won’t work. Then what else you can do? In this case you need some recovery tool that can recover your data for Outlook. You can do Outlook PST file recovery.

In order to repair your corrupted files the tool will help you. The repairing software which is mentioned above is one of the best tool which can return data from your PST files. This tool repair PST file and after this it completely gives you a new file that is healthy PST file keeping the old one as it was.

Operating with system to access data or to save the data or some other work with applications can sometimes corrupt files. Let see what these reasons of data loss are. Shutting down of a system abruptly corrupts a file once in hundred times. Sharing of PST file if the network you are using is unsecured. If you compressed your file for portability reasons can result in loss of attributes.

Against them there are certain reasons that can definitely results in keepings the attributes safe in PST files. If you are having threat of losing data then you can better create a backup of PST file. Restoring points plays an important role in terms of recovery.

At last if each things fails to keep the data then no worries you can use the recovery software. For this you can download the software from this mentioned link and can do recovery.