How to Recover Lost Files after Reformatting Hard Drive?

As you know that hard drive is a storage device which is extensively used to store any kind of files. Have you ever come across a situation to reformat your drive, when programs keep crashing or other peculiar problems keeps on occurring in your system? Are you worried!  Reformatting hard drive may lead to lose all your files? How to restore files from reformatted hard drive?

Don’t get panic as you have option Reformatted software to recover lost files after reformatting hard drive within few simple clicks.

Is it really possible to retrieve files after reformatting!

This is the common question which hits up in each n every persons mind. if the files are formatted and deleted from the drive, where does the  deleted files exist to recover?  Here is a solution for this particular query. Whenever the drive is reformatted it may not completely erase all files from the drive, it erases critical areas and gives the appearance of an empty disk to the operating system, but the contents will not be destroyed permanently until and unless it is overwritten with some other files. Hence it is possible you to recover data after reformat.

Simple procedure to recover lost files after reformatting hard drive:

  • To recover the files from the reformatted hard drive first download the reformatted software on your operating system and install it.
  • Once the application is installed successfully Run the software to get back files.
  • Next, select the Recover Drives from the main screen.
  • To continue recover files after reformatting hard drive selectFormatted or Reformatted Recovery option on the screen
  • Choose the hard drive later where you want to restore files after reformatting hard drive and click on Next button to process.
  • Scanning process will starts. Once the scan is completed, you can preview the files.
  • If you want to save the recovered files then buy software.

Prominent attributes of reformatted file recovery application:

  • This software is versatile by nature where it can retrieve lost files while reformatting of hard drive on all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and so on.
  • You can employ this software not only to rollback the data from hard disk but can also recover data from storage device like external hard drive, after formatting, reinstalling OS etc.
  • The software is open to restore all the data without altering the content of source files.
  • It allows user to recover files from formatted hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Apart from retrieving Operating System data, this software also enables torestore formatted data from SD card, SDXC, CF, XD, etc.

Key points to remember:

  • Do not use system hard drive after reformat operation.
  • Better try to keep backup of files before reformatting.

Best Tool for Repairing RAR Files in Windows

If you ever want to repair your WinRAR archive file, there are many options for you. But you need to choose the best one. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best WinRAR repair tool. The tool we use here is Remo Repair RAR which fixes RAR files like nothing else. In the following video, you can see the repair process of RAR files in less time compared to other tools.

As the WinRAR files gets corrupted due to many scenarios, we need to fix that before losing any data from it. Whatever the scenarios but this tool repairs WinRAR files in best way. That’s why you are going to use it on your own soon after reading this article or watching this below video.

How to Repair RAR files using Remo Repair RAR – Best WinRAR Repair Tool

The first step is to go to the above video description page in YouTube and follow the link provided there to download the software. Install and run it on your computer system. The software’s repair wizard appears on the screen and ask you to select a RAR file for repair. Browse and load your corrupt or damaged RAR file and click on “Repair” button to proceed to the next step. The next screen shows you the contents of the RAR file, simply proceed to the next step. This screen will be the repair process, just wait for it to finish as this takes some time depending upon the size of your RAR file. Finally, you will have an option to save it on your disk. The save option will be active after the purchase of full version key of the tool.

Key Features of Remo Repair RAR Tool

  • The tool repairs RAR file protected with passwords, and after the completion of repair you need to enter the password for viewing the contents.
  • It has strong and powerful repair mechanism for fixing RAR files thus you will definitely get a repaired file as the output.
  • The repair process is completed automated and easy to use that only few clicks are required for the whole repair process.
  • The tool can effectively repair files having huge sizes. So you will be able to repair large sized RAR files without any hesitation.
  • Fixes all RAR files created using any version of WinRAR software. It can able to fix RAR files throwing CRC errors.

Cases of RAR file corruption and Damage

  • Virus, malware and other dreadful infections in computers.
  • Downloading RAR files from unreliable links or sites.
  • Power shutdown while archiving or extracting a RAR file.
  • File transfer error between networks or from one drive to another.
  • Abrupt shut down of WinRAR software while any archive is in progress.
  • Using untrusted software for extracting RAR files.

The reasons of corruption or damage may be anything, but this best WinRAR repair tool will definitely be going to help you fix your RAR files. Check out the video above and try the tool yourself.

How to Recover Data from USB Drive Disk?

USB stand for Universal Serial Bus which is a small portable flash storage device using which user can transfer data from one storage device to another. Generally, USB drives are known as flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives, pen drives, USB sticks, etc. These storage devices are small and can be easily plugged into any computer through the USB port. The storage capacity of USB drives ranges from Megabytes to few Gigabytes (GB).  Nowadays most of the people store their data on these flash drive. Sometimes, the user may lose their important data from their USB drive due to any unforeseen reasons. In such cases, you can use Recover USB Flash Disk software which can easily recover your deleted or lost files from USB drive with utmost ease.

Reasons for data loss from USB drive:

  • Accidental deletion of files from USB drive while you are deleting unnecessary files from USB drive.
  • Unintentional formatting of USB drive instead of another drive when it connected to system results in loss of entire data.
  • Virus infection of USB drive can harm the data which are saved on your drive and make them inaccessible.
  • Improper ejection of USB drive from the system may corrupt or damage the card and make the files inaccessible.
  • Files from USB drive may get lost due to an error occurred while you transfer files from it to the system or vice-versa.
  • Improper usage of USB drives on multiple storage devices.
  • Abruptly ejection of USB drive from the computer.
  • Use of Antivirus program for scanning USB drive for viruses may delete certain files without giving you any notification.
  • Sudden shutdown of the system while transferring files from USB drive to system or vice-versa.

If you are facing above-mentioned scenarios then don’t get panic. In such circumstances, you can use Recover USB Flash Disk software which can easily perform USB file recovery within few clicks of the mouse.

Things to Remember:

  • Keep a backup of important files before performing deletion or formatting of USB drive.
  • Immediately stop using the USB drive once your lose data from it.
  • Use antivirus program to delete virus or malware attack on your files of USB drive.
  • Don’t eject your USB drive from system abruptly.

Features of Recover USB Flash Disk software:

  • This software is one of the advanced file recovery tools to which scans entire USB drive and able to recover USB flash disk data in hassle free manner.
  • The software has an advanced algorithm which can scan your entire USB drive and recovers all your lost files from USB drive with great ease.
  • It also recovers data from internal hard disk, memory sticks, external hard drive, memory cards, flash drive, pen drive, iPods, FireWire drive, etc. on all latest versions of Windows and Mac based operating system.
  • Recover USB Flash Disk software is designed in such a way that even a non-technical user won’t face any difficulties while performing file retrieval from USB drive.
  • The software facilitates you a “Preview” option in the demo version of the software using which user can view the recovered files before restoration.

Software to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

“Last week, when I was connected my external hard drive to my system for transferring files. After sometime what I see that entire data inside the drive gets corrupted. Those data are very much important for me as it contains my office work documents. Is there any software which can recover my data from external hard drive after data loss?

If you are facing such circumstances, then don’t get panic. You can use Recover External Drive software to recover files from external hard drive with great ease. This advanced recovery software scans your entire external hard drive and recovers your files within a few mouse clicks.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from External Hard Drive:

Accidental Deletion: While previewing the files on external hard drive, unintentionally you select all the files and delete them which results in deletion of all files present in that drive.

Virus Attack: If external hard drive is infected by harmful virus which enters during transferring of files from infected system or vice-versa then there might be a chance of file corruption.

 Unintentional Format: Sometime it may happens that you want to format the secondary storage device on your system or laptop but accidentally you select external hard drive and format it. As a result which you will encounter with data loss from external hard drive.

Other Reasons: Unexpected shutdown of system while transferring files, using third party tool, file system corruption, power surge, improper removal of the drive, etc also leads to data loss from External hard drive.

Features of Recover External Drive software:

  • Recover External Drive software is capable of recovering data from  various hard drive interfaces such as SCSI, ATA, SATA, IDE, etc.
  • This software restores files from different types of file system such as NTFS, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+, NTFS5, FAT16, etc.
  • This tool is also capable of recovering external hard drive files on Mac/Windows operating system.
  • It recovers files from external hard drive of different popular brands such as HP, Buffalo, Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Iomega, etc.
  • It also recovers files from RAW external hard disk drive.
  • Apart from External hard disk drive, you can also recovers files from other secondary storage device such as pen drive, iPods, memory sticks, flash drive, SD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, USB drive, etc.
  • In this software, there are two types of view available for the users, first is File type View and second one is Data type View.
  • It performs deleted/ lost data recovery on different partition of hard drive such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partition, etc.
  • This software can also avail Find option through which users can search the recovered files on the basis of date of creation of file, file size, file name, file type, etc.

Tool to Perform Photo Recovery from Corrupted Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of the main storage drives and considered to be the heart in the world of computer systems (both Windows and Mac). It is used to store huge amount of data such as photos, audio, video, spreadsheets, applications, documents, software, RAW files, and so on. A drive can be divided into so many logical units which help to arrange the data in an organized manner so that one entire hard disk can be treated as multiple disks.  The main advantage of having multiple disks is that you can have one or more operating system on the same hard drive for better file management.

Hello, friends! “Please help me to get out of this worst scenario. Today morning, I took my laptop to do some office work. When I tried to start the system I came across with one major scenario i.e. my system doesn’t boot the hard drive. I don’t know the reason behind this. The hard drive contains so much important data and some precious photos of my parents who were no more. I want to recover those photos at any cost. Please suggest me any help.”

Are you the victim of such similar situation? It means your hard drive gets corrupted. Don’t get annoyed under such scenarios because you can easily recover photos from corrupted hard drive with the most reliable, 100% safe secure software called Photo Recovery software.

Reasons behind the corruption of hard drive:

  • Usually hard drives contain bad sectors, where bad sectors are nothing but small sectors present on the hard drive that is formed due to an aging of the hard drive, and due to some logical errors. If the effect of bad sectors is more on the hard drive then it results in the corruption of hard drive.
  • The file system of any drive is mainly used to keep the track of file like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. in an organized manner. If it gets corrupted due to any known or unknown errors then there may be a chance of HDD corruption.
  • The main reason behind the corruption of hard drive is hardware overheating i.e. poor ventilation and cooling in and around your system hardware can cause severe damage to the hard disk which in turns results in the corruption of hard drive.
  • Boot sector corruption is also one of the reasons for the corruption of hard drive where boot sector is responsible for proper booting of the system.
  • Some other scenarios like MBR corruption, partition table corruption, software conflicts, hardware issues, improper OS installation, rebooting issues, etc. are also responsible for the corruption of hard drive.

Features of Photo Recovery Software:

This software supports the recovery of photos from corrupted and inaccessible hard drives from both Windows OS (such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and server 2008)and Mac operating systems (such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, etc.). It is used to recover photos of various file formats like GIF, TIF, JPEG, PNG, etc. This application not only used to recover photos from corrupted hard drive but also used for recovering photos from various storage drives like USB flash drives, pen drives, memory cards, CF cards, external hard drives etc. This reliable tool also helps to retrieve photos from various electronic devices like digital cameras, camcorders, and iPods and also supports the recovery of RAW photos from DSLR cameras. It consists of a “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps to save the recovery time by skipping the rescanning process and also a preview option to have the preview of recovered photos.

Windows 10 New Keyboard Options Available After Cumulative Update 3

On 14th August 2015, Microsoft has released its 3rd Cumulative Update for the latest operating system Windows 10 in just two weeks. We are still digging out after installing the latest update and finding the various sorts of new things. With some of bug fixes, the international company Microsoft is steadily building various new features and the customization options into the latest operating system version.

After installing the latest update and I recommend that you do, you may have noticed the brand new icon show up out of the thin air in Windows 10 System Tray. A completely new ‘keyboard’ icon is now displayed on the screen.

It is obvious, this new icon is made to offer the onscreen keyboarding options for those users with touch screens, but there are also a whole slew of the customization options behind it that includes adding the new keyboard layout which I talked about yesterday.

Learn how to Improve Windows 10’s Onscreen Keyboard for the Desktop Apps

Few new settings can be found by going through All Settings > Devices > Typing and includes the new options for…

  • Add a space after I choose a test suggestion
  • Show text suggestions as I type
  • Play key sounds as I type
  • Capitalize the first letter of each sentence
  • Use all uppercase letters when I double-tap Shift
  • Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option
  • Add a period after I double-tap the Spacebar
  • Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps when there’s no keyboard attached to your device

We will be digging further into the settings in the additional Supersite, but if you want to give you an alert to their existence, you can start playing by your own.

NEC ARmKepad Will Really Surprise you

Feeling bored with typing on a physical keyboard? Well, what about waving yours fingers on a virtual display? Yes, it is possible with ARmKeypad, NEC’s augmented reality device.

NEC Corporation, Japanese Multinational Tech Company has something new to introduce. It was on the last week, they announced a new interface that shows on a person’s forearm. This allows the projection of a virtual keyboard which allows typing on it. They have given a name ARmKeypad for this interface. In the point of view of Wall Street Journal, it is actually based on a smart watch and some special glasses. These glasses are for viewing the keypad while smart watch detects timings of each and every keystroke.

This invention is really going to influence various workforces. Managing a warehouse for example. You’ll be able to track inventory without going for a clumsy device using this device. Augmented reality has given rise to several high-tech devices in these days. Who knows this ARmKeypad will change standards?

NEC is confident about ARmKeypad’s advantage over wearables which are operated through voice commands. It is because an ArmKeypad can be used in very loud and noisy environments where other wearables can’t. The system keypad system can detect whether you tapped your left hand or the right hand. It can also can note down the strength of tapping vibration and tapping location easily.

Let me give more clarity on various sectors where this device can be used. Mainly, people working under engineering projects will be the main beneficiaries of this product. While using heavy machineries, they may need to perform measurements and inspections easily. Here comes the importance of ARmKeypad. Logistics or Warehouse managers would not have to look for a different product in these kinds of situations. Same for medical staff.

Well, some predications can also made based on this. Whenever you driving a car or motor cycle, did it seem annoyed to look at dashboard console to see various meters and even GPS? Just assume, whether this ARmKeypad was available for you in such a situation. The acceleration sensors on ARmKeypad effectively determines the arm area that can tapped by a user and it translate to different commands in terms of Bluetooth link.

Anyhow, the commercial version of this product hasn’t released so far. It is expected to release within one or two years.

Software to Fix Outlook OST File

The Outlook application consists of two file format OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Device). OST is a offline data file which is used by Microsoft exchange server which enables the user to work with their messages even when mail access is not available. Sometimes due to certain reasons OST files get corrupted or damaged and become inaccessible. In such condition, users get terrified and searching for reliable tool to repair OST files on Windows based system.

However, you can make use of Fix OST tool to repair OST file with great ease. By using this tool, it is easy to repair OST file with few simple steps. This tool is capable enough to repair emails, calendars, organizers, journals, etc. There are numbers of advantages of this fixer tool which makes it better from other tool. Apart from OST file, it also repairs PST files. Fix OST software is available on website so that user can easily purchase and repair corrupted or damaged OST file.

Reasons for corruption of OST files

Up gradation of Outlook Application: If you have upgraded the earlier version of Outlook application then there is lot more chances that older OST file get damaged and user is unable to access such files.

Oversize Issue: Sometimes the size of OST file exceeds the size limit of particular Outlook version. In such cases, there are chances of corruption of OST file.

Usage over Network: The OST file gets corrupted due to the usage over network. As a result of which you are unable to access OST file.

Error while Compacting: It is one of the reasons due to which the OST file get corrupted or damaged. While compacting OST file, if certain error occurs then there might be possibility that OST file get corrupted.

You can make use of this tool to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This tool is safe and most efficient to fix OST file by following proper procedure.

Features of Fix OST Tool

  • You can easily download, install and run this application on all the major versions of Windows based system.
  • You are able to repair OST file using this tool keeping the original OST file untouched. The software prepares a duplicate copy of original file and then repair that file so that original file is unchanged.
  • This utility can also repairs password protected OST file within few moments of time. In order to access that repaired file, you must know the password. This utility is unable to unlock the OST file.
  • Demo version enables you to check the performance of OST fixer tool. If you are satisfied with the performance then you can purchase the tool online and repair OST file.
  • It also provides support to the customers any time. If you feel any difficulty in accessing the application then you can contact the support team through emails or telephone calls.

How to Stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from Downloading on Your System?

Microsoft Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to systems running a genuine version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and the update notification is part of Microsoft’s effort to notify users about the offer and get as many users as possible to upgrade to Windows 10. Basically there is no option to turn off Windows updates using the control panel and setting apps in Windows 10, as it is used to be with the earlier version of Windows. But there is a workaround to disable or turn off Windows update in Windows 10. For the Windows 10 update, Microsoft has chosen to automatically start the download process, regardless of whether you’ve confirmed you want the update. This makes some sense for those who use automatic updates normally, except Windows 10 can be huge. As in multiple gigabytes huge.

Blocking the Windows 10 update involves two different steps. First you need to remove the currently installed updates and then block Windows from checking for that update in future. To do that, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”. Click the “View Installed updates” option in the left panel.

Step 2: Windows 7 users, look for updates ending with “3035583, 2952664, 3021917”and Windows 8 users look the updates ending with “3035583, 2976978”.

Step 3: Right-Click on all those updates and select “Uninstall” option in the menu. It will prompt you to restart the system after you uninstall each update. Just select Restart later” and proceed further.

Step 4: Once you finish uninstalling all the updates, restart your computer. Now you can see the Windows 10 update notification is removed from your system tray.

Step 5: Next, you’ve to block these updates from further sending you the notifications. Again go to Control Panel, and select “Windows Updates” in the menu.

Step 6: In that window, click the “Check for updates” option and wait for the updates to show up. Also, make sure you are connected to the internet.

Step 7: Once it is complete, click the “Important Update is available” link and you will see an update ready to be installed.

Step 8: Now right click on that update and select “Hide Update” option in that menu. This will block the update from further sending you the notifications.

Download and Use This Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

I have lost few files from my memory card; the documents were extremely important as they contained vital information of my office work. I don’t even have back up of those lost documents; else I would have used them. So I am searching for an approach to recover memory card files. Can anyone know the software which can recover deleted files from memory card in hassle free way? “

Have you ever faced above mentioned situation? Then don’t get tensed because with the help of Recover Deleted Files Memory Card software, you can easily recover deleted or lost files from memory card in few simple steps. This software has advanced algorithm which scans your entire memory card and recovers deleted or lost files from it. It can recover different sorts of files such as photograph, documents, videos, music, and so on.

Reasons that are responsible for data loss from Memory Card:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes you may delete your important files from memory card while deleting unwanted files from it. As a result of which you may lose important files.

Accidental Formatting: You may format your memory card instead of some other drive which is connected to your system results in huge data loss.

Antivirus Scanning: Generally you use antivirus to get rid of virus. However, if some virus infected files are not fixed by antivirus then it simply delete those files from the memory card to make the system secure.

Mishandling issues: Mishandling of memory cards is the common reasons which make you lose files. Misusing means unexpected removal of memory card from its gadget leads to data loss.

Besides above mentioned scenarios there are many reasons for data loss from memory cards. But don’t get devastated because with the help of Recover Deleted Files Memory Card software, you can easily recover deleted or lost files from memory card.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t use memory card from which the files are deleted or lost.
  • Don’t eject the memory card abruptly from your system or card reader.
  • Keep back up of important files on some other storage device to avoid such issue.

Features of Recover Deleted Files Memory Card software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from memory card on all versions of Window sand Mac operating system.
  • It recovers files from different sorts of memory cards including MMC cards, CF cards, SDHC card, SD card, xD card, and so on.
  • It can recover files from EXFAT, NTFS, FAT, HFS, HFSX file, etc system.
  • This software can also recover files that are lost due to interrupted read or write operations on the memory cards.
  • Once recovery process is over, you can view the recovered files from memory card before restoring it to the desired location.
  • This software can recover deleted files from memory card of various brands such as Transcend, Samsung, SanDisk, Lexar, HP, etc.
  • Continue reading, to know more about about how this software recovers files from memory cards.